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Team and apply plowing not into they take down the entire australia tuna jio the book listen to that crowds they roll up on that payload that's a huge power and i amazed complete completely on contest at that point and then they go back for the reverse sweep that play it is ollie rable and it's it's one of those if we were talking about earlier were undergo some serious changes you're never gonna see a play like that again never not nestled in this one hundred percent because as much as you have rule changes in traditional sports you know the one zone versus both feet down in the end zone in terms of of how you play football by there are moments in east force that literally will not be able to exist anymore because of game changer right if you like if you set a quarterback is no longer allowed to throw a pass more than twenty yards it's probably going to near you can see changes like yet here are the china verse france match france undertaken three to one france very good showing this year they came in with one goal in mind they wanted south korea they did they did yup up after that was south korea verse the usa skies find the whole i i keep hearing was the match to watch army this was this was the ali frazier of east for that it is it is that powerful of a moment right now in just how each sports is viewed because it was so competitive it was so intense in army you saw that both teams had elevate their levels at some point i mean between flower in sinatra for south korea in u s respectively like i i've never seen individual play and that level be so amazing mom i was blown there was a three two one series when they took them all the way to game 5 even tied one of them in every single downtown us second honam more map specifically if you haven't seen you need to watch and they must this match it's.

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