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Hello everybody. Welcome to be seen any water to wet the podcast. Where read the reason of dramatic fashion. We're going back to that one throwback. I'm tired of the new one really. Yeah i don't like the old one. I love the old anything. Okay mo- this week. We have a theme of airports seven by rosie from your brain. Never mind from my for my brain to rosie's lips who rosie senate in i bring your brain and anyone's lips in the same sentence again together did not like all And we had done north carolina airports before now. They're just airports in general And i had a challenge this week. You don't remember do you. Of course i remember. But i'd like to hear your lips from my brain or someone's brain is probably okay. If you as you wish this is challenge for me. It was the casino one right. It was you actually do remember so this was sending by tanya. Who listens with damian. Yes that's right very nice. Hello tanya damian. I wrote tanya and son damian nowhere in a pamphlet responding spawn.

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