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When they then woke up in the ER he was pissed. That's how I came out to my parents, actually. Woke up from being out for my attempt and. My parents like, why'd you do it? Because I didn't leave any good notes and they're like, why do why do choose to go? I was like, and I literally out them. I'm like, I'm fucking gay, but I know you don't wanna gay son. I know you want to deal with this, so just get the fuck out of my room because I don't want even be alive anymore. So why am I here? Why are you here? Just get the fuck out. And then I just kept you'll into get the fuck out and then they all finally got the fuck out. Nathan's parents did get the fuck out of his room and Nathan was transferred to the psych ward. He was angry. He was alive. He was angered that he was alive and now suddenly he was an out gay, Mormon, man, and the whole time I was in the unit and everything. I chose to not talk to God at all. I was just like, no, you know what. I'm gonna keep to myself. You keep to you. We'll figure this out at a later time. Just not right now. So I didn't pray. I didn't read the book of Mormon or the bible. I didn't do anything religious. I just did Nathan Nathan's parents came in for therapy and they started the long process of connecting and understanding each other. It was easier for Nathan's mom. Her brother is gay. She grew up in San Diego around a large gay community, but Neath ans dad took longer Nathan and his dad would talk, but not about his sexuality for weeks and Nathan is irritated. There's this big elephant in the room and he wants to call it out and gets the chance one day during one of his therapy sessions with his dad when the therapist calls Nathan out and she's just like Nathan warrior arms folded wireless cross. Why are you blocking all of us out right now? But I was like, oh, you know, I'm just like irks right now and she's like, why are you earn. Act. And I was like, because I am gay. My dad knows I'm gay now and we're not talking about this. And then I just like do like a very like dramatic head turn to look at him. And he's just like sitting there like dough. I'd like what the. He may have been sitting there like a doa goofs, but Neath ans to head head still come to therapy to see his son. Because want Nathan had assumed they didn't want a gay son that would be easier for his parents if he were dead Nathan's dad, even if he doesn't know what to say is proving Nathan wrong. He's proving to Nathan that they do want him. They want their son Nathan's dad wants him more than he wants the comfortable life. He thought their family had before because he grew up in this really tiny town in Utah, cold Roosevelt, Utah, and it's an oil Leinen cattle town. Either you own oil or you own a cattle ranch. And my dad's family did both and he just grew up very conservative didn't know really anything. I don't even to this day, he doesn't know what gay, sexes, but the way think about this with parents thought like when their child comes out anything in the GP t plus community, it's kind of like they have to go through a morning of the child..

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