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As Beth Fisher has more. The Bill would prevent President Trump from utilizing the national emergencies act of nineteen seventy six to rate any funding from the US army corps of engineers. She says Mr. Trump has repeatedly threatened to declare a national emergency to bypass congress and finance construction of his border. Wall stabbing. Now says this could take money away from vital Michigan projects, including the construction of a new post sized sue lock efforts to stop Asian carp and twenty-six dredging projects within the Great Lakes. Beth Fisher WW j NewsRadio nine v as a freeze and thaw is ongoing across Michigan the debate over funding rove repairs lingers on with that till we check on in with www. Jason Scott state Representative Mary white furred, the Republican from Saint Clair county is opposed to the notion of simply raising taxes. We added another one hundred and seventy million dollars last spring two roads, we put another three hundred million into roads in the supplemental. And now, we've got the. Internet sales tax. That's going to be another over one hundred million dollars going every year under roads, we don't have to burden the residents of Michigan with raising taxes as your administration prepares its budget priorities. Governor Gretchen Whitmer is planning to push for more spending on roads. Jason Scott, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty yet. Another telephone scam is making the rounds. Again. Police in Grosse Pointe farms say over the last few days homes and businesses have received calls from someone posing as an IRS agent demanding payment, it looks legitimate. But the scammer clones a real phone number. If you get one of these calls, hang up and report it to authorities. Auto talks are coming up for Jeff Gilbert as a freeze and thaw is ongoing in Michigan. We check in with Jeff Gilbert has four details. A big investment in Chicago factories. What's next WW? J auto beat reporter, Jeff Gilbert explains. From the Chicago auto show, the UAW among those applauding forwards billion dollar investment in its plants here in Chicago and Ford along with other domestic carmakers will be opening contract talks with the union this summer. So I asked Ford president of operations Joe Henrik's. If investments will be a big part of those talks.

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