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The rocket launcher you. Don't use it. The grenade launcher one of the to. But there's like this the the there's this whole thing with jack who yeah when he has power is extremely powerful but he he has the. It's kinda like in good omens where when they thought they had the anti christ and they're like you know if we influence with some good and bad he'll just come out neutral and kind of that way he had the potential to be really evil and he does do some bad things but he gets manipulated and some other things happened. So he's genuinely. He's not bad issues his but his powers could be used for bad because he is so powerful. So yeah there's lake. You them trying to figure out how jack fits into their life Because he does consider cast. Y'all like his father and you know vice versa. So yeah he's family because casio's family but at the same time you know they're trying to handle this but at the same time they're also trying to get a handle on the fact that these these last few seasons are really about free. Will they kind of jack salmon and dean and casio or like you know team. Free will two point. Oh yeah this day i Of do they generally have free willer. Not because one more. I introduced chuck as a supposed prophet under a pen. Name written all these books that are essentially. The supernatural tv series novel. Form is extremely accurate. Yes but so. There's this whole idea of as he's writing things and that stuff comes to pass. It's like okay. It's supposedly he's channeling from ward as a prothesis like okay do they actually have their will make their own decisions or is it all preordained. And then it turns out that chuck is actually god. And he's been playing his own game of manipulation And we learn they've they we get into the multi-diverse here where there are different. Earths in different universes where some things have slightly changed Something has changed so that there are. There's their lives have had different different outcomes like you know in castel goes and reads dean from perdition in like every other universe. Casteel doesn't stick around and that changes everything So or you know if their mom hadn't died when sam was six months old or if they're you know dad had not died once they get reunited In the in the first couple of seasons. So you know. It's like the the whole butterfly effect but Chuck for whatever reason as god has just become to quote cast yell and ask but server. He didn't like him and everything in my power to rub them out get he here. He considers himself this great author of everything and when they his characters fight back against the story he's trying to write them into it. Pisses him off So even in the season fifteen episode awards soot chuck paces visit tabacchi. Yeah mbeki cheeks. Look the stop. Hold that he was going to end well for you. So it's like he he's doing he's trying to do everything in his power to show team free will that they don't have free will and whatever he throws it them they're gonna have to deal with because at the end of the day. He's the puppet master so it's like he released like all the souls in howell and the season fourteen so they got a try to figure that out and they do with arenas help a love for a weena burst. She's introduced says this one off character. Am i gonna like you and then when you find out she's crowley's mother whole lot existing. You love her even more yes. She's this feisty redheaded scottish irish just crazy tornado of just mad by the wonderful connell. Yeah yes she's a witch so she's extremely powerful but she's just i love or weena at. I'm so glad that Yeah how they That they finalized character. I definitely like the way that her character ended up where she she has to sacrifice herself to help. Close the rift. That all the in hell erasing. But in the process she becomes. Queen of hell percy if that's not the best job i don't know what kind of full circle 'cause crawley was a crossroads demon he bumps up king hell gets does mama's taking over for sun her so but Are they in the process of them. Trying to stop all the souls who scaping jack dies but then his body becomes a meat suit for demon that supposedly just wants to put things back the way they were crossing onset causing this jackson. Again which causes a rift between danny dean and cast yell again so they separate for awhile but I it just kinda comes back down to the final showdown the be all to end all for everything is you know. God is out there. Those the multi-diverse he's destroying the multi-diverse so he's destroying all those all those other earths all is all their alternate universes and you know there's going to be the last one because supposedly it's his favorite favorite show. Yeah so they got to try and figure out how to stop. Literally god with yeah. They don't really have any friends left. Rowena don crowley's gone lucifer. Comes back for a little bit but he ends up betraying them but they knew he was going to do that. adam come back briefly. Yes half.

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