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More money than before but they forget about their expenses so cut something out when it's not working and here's are really big one your time your time is the most valuable asset you can't get your time back you can make more money but you can't make more time so you really need to understand how to spend your time wisely how to know where to spend your time what will really be the best investment of your time and obviously this is predicated on your goals but sometimes your business needs you in certain ways and it needs you now in two thousand seventeen from january to december this show was not daily it was weekly i had to kick it back a little bit given the show has been daily since its inception two thousand fourteen all waited in two thousand sixteen i had to me that tough decision because my time was really needed at our software businesswoman are ninja we were growing their team we were developing a whole new software and i was needed to show leadership i was needed for management we are hiring at a rapid pace and if i wasn't around to show leadership and to training employees and make sure that the understand or trying to do with our business and with the product i would have wasted a whole lot of money so my time was needed on that as much as i love this podcast i love doing this pike as ademi the tough decision to make it weekly rather than daily but once i have made sure that that is working in the team is doing well and with the team were we wanted to be but once we had the team altogether and they're well trained in there wherever they need to be i started to think about bringing the show back to dili why because a show was awesome i love it it's one of the things i enjoy it's also a great way for me to reach out to new business owners and help them out and honestly to build trust with these people because later on they're gonna want to become an entrepreneur they want to build our business they're gonna want to take our courses of unarmed ba or at the very least be a part of the show listen to the episodes or read or blog so i knew that worked and you.

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