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Get the up and get yourself some fifty percents off. Bitcoin get everybody. Welcome to try. To Call Crypto. Show you wake good start the like of course the first podcast of the wake yesterday. I the too much you almost hoping to save. Bitcoin push up through ten thousand. Obviously didn't happen so And here I am right now talking to you about that so we got a few things that we need to discuss out the in Mauka soil right yesterday. The also take a little bit more of a move On that our bitcoin. Bitcoin didn't do a great deal to be really really. Didn't not much going on there at all so what actually happened. Yesterday was therion cod down. I was sort of the big dogs at the Seoul. The best moves Faulty Bitcoin we close yesterday sitting pretty much half a percent up. Kind of getting close at ten thousand Margaret non non that sort of thing and filing to get through now. Does that mean that we're not going to get through? We might season selling you have course I. It could mean that but because we still have that momentum to the up saw for the time being we could just see a push above ten thousand run on really really hot now audit which way it's going to go but I'm GonNa what pro abilities and the probabilities for me would suggest that if I stick to my strategies on a stick with the trend on going to have more potential upside McKay song to stick with that. That doesn't mean he tries going on right now. I mean Bitcoin county that ninety six hundred is down. One point one percent wrought now. It's very different looking. Jaws that have a theory Macau Dollar Really East East Asia yesterday. Don was at three point seven to compare that bitcoins was a point fall as with him up point. Three point seven percent end looking quite strong. You know we re tapped one ninety four and since then we've pushed out nauseating trend there On the Mid Timeframes the higher. So I'd our and above now since a four just sort of looking to set possibly hi Laura. Now it's done one point five percent two hundred eleven dole and fifty six cents whereas in the Hall Tennis Down. Right now really great. That is not over the last three ice three percent. That was three point two full then. Three point. Seven two yesterday. Excep- very flat. It's Beta really of haphazard Yay for exile. Pates big SELLOFF. We sent a bounce back. But there's been many trades there. I haven't had very many trades on extra pace just sort of. It's been Saud. Why isn't runs Hod Saad? Why isn't it runs? Hot has been quite difficult to really get get hold of and we haven't seen any really good runs for quite some. Tanya say look at what was up two percent a lot better than bitcoin. Point four percent up on. Bitcoin announced down one point three two just hovering around that twenty cent MOC that stands bitcoin cash to children. Forty four dollars and fifty cents down one point five seven percent and yesterday it was up three percent now. I didn't mind the look of Bitcoin. Cash on the four hour job but since then started a pullback a dime wants more we are lacking that really good follow through and strong direction from this market. Bitcoin S. V. was seven point three two percent and hovering along quite nicely yesterday. But as pullback already three percents that I said give me like quad a wedge those guys and a guy in another market that has been quite how quote lackluster not doing a great deal Out there on the SV ritual futures contract. It some tell you what is it really has slowed. I mean if you recall best little while back. Lucy's a massive volatility as a matter of fact it was easily the most volatile market in our top ten or not market. Really majorly in our top ten. What saying wakes thirty forty fifty percent seventy percent by upside and downside but for the last six weeks kinda pulled its head in and it's now much more like a normal trip. It's not moving as much as what it used to do. And for me. There's nothing there right now. It's quite an ugly looking shot to be. I still messy still saw by just tapped on two hundred dollars one night right now down three point. Three six percent law coins a little bit of a trend. There David pullback to Diet had a nice day yesterday I mean. We closed up three point seven percent. It's already given back two point one so far today. Interesting time to watch what that does. It's been pretty average as well Very software market really does look like it needs some help. It's forty four dollars and fifty cents on the sixty two dental point five percent yesterday up one point three percent so a game really very very saw by not much going on bond has very much in the same birthday ladies and gentlemen which sixteen dollars forty down one point two percent and the Diana very solid wise looking mark. It's not really filling with any joy this not much activities. I'll tell you one. That is God. Donna looks really awesome. This shot yesterday up. Six percent of really strong performer is pushed onto a new high high within this trend. Which is really nice to say. It's a it's a very strong child. Were sitting at five point three cents down two point one percent today but it's pulling back into the raging me try looking around at five point two cents mark are. That's where I'm looking at the resistance in. I'm looking around that our time frame for a little cradle in that. Good convergence on good convergence on the sixth day. The nonsmoking shot out there. Certainly one of the better in the top ten right now on the theory classic another one that had been looking really really good but now it started to really crab woke very very solid by a theorem classic. Just hanging around sixty sixty one. It has been for the last few days really once again. Looking luck it needs a little bit helping hand down one point six percent the roundabout top ten. We gotTa Tron which is funding a of resistance at one point five or just above. It's a one point five cents right now. One point five three with that resistance is struggling stem one point three percent and my take on the market rotten now as a really is it does appear that is crying out for help guy. It's a big cling not having pushed through ten thousand. Having having happened. We are still holding up along those higher echelons with Bitcoin at the moment. Just below that ten thousand mock but the rest of the market. Apart from the exception of possibly a theory in Macau Donna is really looking heavy. Now let's the side of this not going to move hard because you know arising todd. Rizal ships the BITCOIN's not really leading out at the moment and the rest of the top Tan. Which is also a pretty good example across the rest of the market has been very very slow on being Because of this we could see a very strong sell-off event. We do tend to say this the long the market hauled without moving high generally tends to be a big move after. It and with Crypto doesn't always go on the five of the trend so I for made all the waiting until the trans really kicking the second gear because really right now apart from the cast of Donna. The still hovering around him. I I WANNA say similar commitment from this market and a certain direction whether it be higher law before gone through is too much much writing capital into it has been a couple of what couple of weeks because I will give you that. It has been very slow on the training front but opportunities not too far around the corner. It will come back and will come very very quickly. In the meantime make sure that your cross on the Youtube to subscribing and telling the United Nations so you can get access to win. I'm doing a live scan. It will be.

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