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You cited her movie. The sequel was was the movie you cited. Eight. This is because I've been. This is because I am forced to do a podcast about bad movies and we covered. Looking to you and it's truly changed. My brain is now fried from how to get made like I. Don't have any references for good clear like Oh. What was that one about? I don't have any example. I think the Jane Club is a good cold if it is and I would have joined nexium in hot fucking second and I'm afraid I'm afraid I would have been the Gal and this is unfortunate the Gal that leads us through most of it and you can tell she's upset that she wasn't asked into the sexual side of things. I was surprised. She wasn't I'm very. Absolutely. Doing. His marriage didn't nippy now nippy. I'm also attracted to her husband Nippy as am I, but my I mean nippy is Kinda real star this thing but I do feel there's some sadness on our part. She's like I got that Man Brandon and my vagina, and he'd even make an overture at one of those volleyball games. Volleyball. Jessica you got. I can't why it's Dark In a cage or anything. Now June, you make us get Jane branded. On our. Lit Cj see. I'm a guy guys. Let's segue right dash because I don't want to take a ton of your time. But last week we found we're not timely but we found out that they were pulling the plug and it was interesting that they announced it on Kinney's instagram. It wasn't like the whole family released something I think they were like, look your sex tape launched us and you'll bring us out and you'll. And you'll took us into this world and you'll take us out. We're was everybody when the news came in. Well, I know we were all on route chat because I got super angry I thought it was a joke. You guys were writing all like r.i.p the Kardashians and I wrote like you know what? It's one of my favorite shows you guys always have me on bitch sessions like dancing monkey. No about. This And I actually know lots about the Kardashians. No one's never knew this. Never knew this ever knew this? Were you embarrassed you never asked Ethel. Good. You've already you guys think I'm on my high and mighty when I first came to Los Angeles and I was living sleeping and Jessica champions walk in closet on Arrowhead bed with a hole in it I would watch crashes obsessively. It was very comforting to me they I watched it so much that I thought about them in my off hours which I guess you guys are about the housewives, but I think about them all that's right. I will say this I am closer emotionally to the Kardashians than I have been to any housewife. Turned to them, I wanNA hear your origin story to Casey but Casey turned me onto them because when we were shooting asks backwards. Albany yeah. Albany Shit. I'm sorry. But some someone did say to me on the group Chat Agenda Caveat yesterday and I was laughing so hard. They're like never trust a colt. Headquarters are in Albany. New York. Albany. That whole. It's such a Shithole. Oh my God apologies to Leeann. Yes no disrespect except all the disrespect right get out get out of there. You're not in. Yet out. Colt stay but if you're holly. Alcyone shooting ass backwards, and every single day were basically. Thought the movie was GonNa, shut down it, and then it did. So I'm the camera we. Took our message they lie. Absolutely. and. Then we spent two years trying to raise money to finish the last four days in the movie but while that was happening and then I lost twenty pounds in between. So through the movie, My weight fluctuates. And I gained ten when we went back. Word. So we were shooting that movie and staying in. Hotel that they put us in and Casey was like I got pink guy the first night we were there. On the ER soaking. Ended up, going to like literally the first morning of shooting I- cameras up Casey arrived with guy so. This movie was a cursed Sir I was. So miserable policy in La. It was such a scary time and Casey said again, she wouldn't stay in the hotel with me because she went to a much more expensive luxury suites don't laugh or as luxury as Albany can do. Don't feel too upset. But it was called the garden or something I was like, Oh, I wish I. could be there I was literally the walls in the hotel room I was staying and we're like cement blocks. Was So grim and. Casey said to me. You should start watching the Kardashians and I downloaded the first episode and I spent that entire shoot every night I would come back and watch episodes of the Kardashians and it was such a bomb during session difficult time because they're all together no matter what there's they've got each other you from a big family. June of sisters you know and I might be my mother had fourteen brothers and sisters, seven sisters like I always longed for that. If you if our friends could all live on a cul de sac, like jake it, I would to my biggest fear is the along Nana occultist sack A. Failed in. You know I'm trying to get everyone he I don't know if you guys know this right now but I'm recording this from Scottsdale Arizona what yes. I've left L. A. for the week to just get out and like. Meta friend who just doesn't say I'm out of.

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