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Is will not be affected P. Jeannie says it will start shutting off the power between seven and eight this morning dry windy red flag conditions forecast in the North Bay wine country in in the Sierra foothills P. Jeannie expects to get the all clear start restoring power tomorrow morning with more power shut off living some businesses are wondering if northern California is a viable climate anymore KCBS reporter Holly Quan is that part of our power shut off coverage you know what county is in the middle of studying the impact of the first power shut off in early October this week would be the sixth time P. Jeannie warned of a possible outage supervisor David rabbits to the county has already commissioned a study on how much was lost well they're only doing it for cinema county what would it take to kind of extrapolate that information to really understand the impact for the entire US PS with a PhD in their jurisdiction that's what a lot of economists are looking at doctor Michael Weinberg is CEO of the nonprofit economic development group California forward tourism receipts should be taking a look at business openings you'd be taking a lot you know sales receipts Randy Johnson owns get away adventures a bike tour operation in Santa Rosa he doesn't have to study it to know the power shut off scaring people away people are flat out saying we're just not come out period and that definitely packs the current book usually have me will you lose and on top of that we will see a future business loss just because people don't come out of place that might potentially have yeah anywhere from thirty to fifty thousand dollars that easily lost revenue Polokwane KCBS students in the East Bay who order school lunches their choice lunch will be getting cold sandwiches instead of hot meals today KCBS is Kerry who to sex says that's because the online delivery service is preparing for potential P. Jeannie power shut.

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