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How's it possible we're now in this situation there are plenty of serious questions about the foundation of all these investigations it's entirely legitimate for the congress article one of the us constitution to demand documents and answers as to where these investigations are going what did you know and when did you know it this is especially important where as here the president should be able to demand answers he's blocked by doing so by the threats of the special counsel to subpoena prosecute ember even raising doubts about the molar investigation and the idiotic forty nine questions of muller wants to be answered and ask deals with things like what were you thinking about what are your feelings who in the hell does muller think he is he works for the department of justice which is an article two under the power the president he works for the president how's it possible that a special counsel or rod rosenstein can ask the president about his feelings and his thoughts that is not the role of one of the subordinate members the department of justice there's only there's only three branches of government not four or five v branch of government is the unelected bureaucracy the united states government so right now someone needs to stand up and i i assume it's not going to be jeff sessions that guy's a fool but sessions should order rod rosenstein to comply with us congressional subpoenas as an oversight which there are legally obligated to do by the united states constitution by five o'clock tomorrow if he doesn't do it get rid of him it's unbelievable the stonewalling and the congress for months there's the threaten even congressman married carrying out is fully protected duty it's called extortion so in the.

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