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Nothing like that so i mean they already had that they would put the cop offs on everything of course it mainstream media covered it all up but comes gotta play hardball with these guys get that joe digenova in there put him in charge of something that i will go after willie can you imagine i choose written a great article on this and i've had him on a few times i'm gonna try to get him on next sunday night is victor davis hanson he wrote an article is what if muller question barack hussein obama some did you kate us responses to russian behavior on the basis of your campaign reelection concern you might recall that he leaned over dementia devon said look i'm going to have more flexibility after the election you could go on and on and on with the collusion between obama medvedev the russianamerican relationship did you hear subsequently from the russians that medvedev had deliver the message that you would intended for vladimir putin what was the reaction did you ever any anytime improperly transmit classified information over sexually states email clinton's email server under a pseudonym email account the answer says do you feel president obama you violated federal law by communicating with your secretary of state hillary clinton over an unsecured email server did you discuss in any fashion your own department of justice.

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