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Unofficial results show Hezbollah gains as Lebanon awaits election results


Is promising a decisive breakthrough in living standards in the new here term he starts today and is even said to be considering naming a prominent economic reformer to talk job that illiterate but even within the kremlin few see much of the high tech bush's pledged amid the standoff with the west in decades in moscow henry mayor bloomberg daybreak europe vote counting is underway in lebanon mocking a pivotal moment for the country bloomberg's stain a creche has this report from beirut lebanon held its first parliamentary elections in nine years under a new law based on proportional representation expensive better represent the country's complex demographics analysts expect the iran backed hezbollah group and its allies to win a slim majority likely a third of the seats interior ministry will announce official results by monday morning they route donna bloomberg daybreak europe at may be at a targeting point to end political deadlock five star movement leader luigi demayo has signaled he's ready to give up his quest to become prime minister bloomberg's john flaine reports president said dramatically la holds one more round of talks with party leaders on monday he'll ask them if they can ensure a working majority if not he's expected to propose a caretaker government with new elections possible in the fall or early next year in rome john lane bloomberg daybreak europe global news twenty four hours on the uptake talk on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm markus karlsson this is bloomberg guy thanks bogus georgia leila also says news alex folks since brain hemorrhage makes him wonder about the health effects of football management the former united boss he's now seventy six is recovering in hospital after needing an emergency operation on saturday finger was presents it.

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Unofficial results show Hezbollah gains as Lebanon awaits election results

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