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Worked schedule thing. It may have seemed like fun and games at first. Or maybe before the pandemic you were thinking, Oh, my God, The idea of working from home and I don't have to get dressed in the morning and I don't have to deal with the crabby co workers and I watched him TV with my laptop. They work from home. Sounds cool if your kids are at school But even then, I don't know. I mean, some people I get more done at home. I don't get anything done here. We'll be back when the office is full of people because you said you're trying do some. Then somebody walks in this. We're talking about something else. Before long. You've been here for two hours and do anything and then you got the people. You know, maybe you work in abnormal schedule like we dio and this is way back in the day way back when, like, you know, people were in the office. Remember that It's hard to remember a little fuzzy. But you know, we were were working whatever 5 to 11 or noon or whatever was and then those people who are working like 9 to 5. They got eight hours to fill before you know, And we've already done like six. Right? And so if you sit here long enough, they'll come up with things for you to dio because they need something to dio. But way woke up, So anyone who has an abnormal schedule understands what I'm talking about, And I guess that's sort of negating with all of this, but Researchers looked at a bunch of people three million people in more than 21,000 companies in 16 cities, and the average workday during the pandemic is actually 48 a half minutes longer. I agree then before our workday is longer, don't you think? I mean, I feel like we're here We're show is longer, But then we go our preparation and then you know, then it's like zoom calls a meeting and then see that live interview is like that is our day where we would leave here. We were pretty much done with work unless You were like prepping for the show the next day, But now it's like there are days where I'm working like till 67 o'clock. Everybody all that stuff. Everybody knows that the zoo meeting is the new is a new, unnecessary time. Filler should have been an email. That's the new thing is that people who who are trying to justify their existence that you schedule a bunch of zoom meetings? Um, fatigue is really it's worse than a conference call, because now I'm expected to be seen now. God, look, you I'm tired of putting on my makeup for a half hour meeting every day. Even if I got it. I got a broad On what? We'll just move the camera up to stack up. But if I got a video component to this, I can't pretend I can't not pay attention. You know, on the conference call model. You could at least hit mute and do something else. But now the person who's presenting Khun See that you're not paying attention to them, so it's actually it actually requires more focus them before. They also found a number of meetings People were joining surged around 13% workers were firing off one point form or emails each day to co workers. Employees during the pandemic, believe they need to perform even Mohr since commute times or cut out leading more workers to log on earlier than prik over 19 days, So a lot of people are religious fighting for their job, Teo and hoping that if they work harder than that job because they know that a lot of people are gonna get cut, and things are different you could become, you know, invaluable. Then I get all that know it all makes sense. You know, it's just if you had told me when we we have that opportunity. We could work from home every day and we want to, and I did it for like, three days, and I'm like, that's enough. I don't like it. I want to come back in. I don't like I need a place to go some to Dio I'ma social person. I need to be around people. I can't just isolate myself. It's not even that. It's like there's no for the people working from home. You know what I'm talking about. There's no It's a high energy. There's a different that's the personal compartmentalizing. You're like. I think I come here I can compartmentalize like I'm here to work. I'm working now. This is work time. But then when I go if I'm working from home Then unless I can isolate it to a certain room that identity and this is me, I'm crazy. This is me mentally, but unless I can dedicate it to a room then otherwise, it just feels like I'm home. Well, that's why people are saying it's not work from home. You're living at work, basically, and that takes such a psychological toll on you. Who knew that everybody would be wishing to sit in traffic for an hour and go back to their cubicle? Who ever thought that would happen.

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