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Out. Yeah. I mean you know part of me thinks that many many years ago that there would have to be some kind of an I hate to use the analogy I. Don't have a better when I probably should think through a better one before I start saying podcast but some sort of Pearl Harbor ask scenario now that it has to be an attack by another country, but it has to be an event that. As horrible as it is the common enemy idea that I the the idea of intelligence in an in an unbound survey way or in a way that maybe we feel like his dangerous would be so evident as to be real not as to be imagined I think you know it wasn't even the coronavirus here. You know what? What was it? It was. No. One's really sure about what the CCPA's saying. No one's really sure like what's true. What's not whatever I think a lot of Americans might have some skepticism there although you know certainly plenty of sympathy for the folks that were ill and for the doctors who really had a bad golf but you know you start feeling it crawl across. Europe right he started seeing like the pictures coming in with the CCP's not gonNA show you all the carnage from from a poorly handled sort of. Outbreak but you know across your, we were seeing and I think for Americans it was like by Golly, we've really got to think about this. You could still say we acted slow but the ideas like it has to be visceral. Might have to visceral here. Might there have to be some some brain computer interface some Ai. SCENARIO OF SPOOKS PEOPLE. So thoroughly across the glow, they realize we gotta get on the damn same page we can. Develop. In under three scenarios, we did on the future work technology out to twenty fifty. We did have in their some of those, for example, the idea of weapon systems of developing and and almost developing its independence capability. I mean weapons systems, alliterate act independent of human control, and we have that in this scenario. So by the way, the to it. Because government sometimes a little slow sometimes our self defensive and offensive, and see you end up with your independent hackers in the world underground folks. They create a new independent group. That gets ahead of the thing and then fighting cooperates with governments but maintains our independence from governments on they wouldn't be arrested so far so they have. Intrigues on this stuff yes. We have a couple of those. Things are lost control, and in this scenario we ended up concluding in that that particular there was never fully under control. He was a constant thing that yes or somebody hold you know part of it whole areas wiped out the still happens. Yeah. There's some stuff in there. Referrals. You. Have to check out the future of work. It sounds like that's the closest precedent to too strong. I at least in terms of your. Matter of fact, you wonder we had the very end art isn't all of a sudden things are happening around the world. We couldn't figure out why and how is happening and we think of. The Subaru has begun. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I will make sure that we linked to whatever is publicly available in that work in the show notes somewhere..

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