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And uh so so what good by the sounds of it now it's not a like ford had one two three four top spot maybe not sounds about right yet toyota had four cars running together and of course the announcers were all talking about they're all give you could get the goahead hamlin andrew action and they they thought those guys we're all kind of stacking up together so toyota could jump out a line together and try to make a run but if that was the plan they waited way too late all right hand out i heard the eighty that you pay the 88 butler poll are isn't that something be air air so so is it it it goes to jail junior or is it uh burr's that just a car you get you give aig you give a good driver hendricks motor sports car and you know if they know how to drive the darn thing they can put it on the poll you know daytona does it that doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot one hour out under way he can go from first the 21st in one lap now exactly how you can you you end up even worse than that they're plus you when you get back to that twentyfirst trying to come back off but uh but now it sounds good but i did i did get to a little bit of the olympics and i saw or lose ladder there he uh he got his office over metal i guess that's what one of the first first cuddled for lose their for i i actually the first day of losing the i get he was up there and had a couple of good runs so i saw his first two runs i missed you like it was yesterday or saturday when he ran the second to second to runs yeah yeah i forgive how it also he ended up and they had at over huh.

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