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Dead as a result of knocking them dead Joan gets an offer from the then upstart fox channel. I'm talking you. Og fox network tv. Not this rupert murdoch lake fake news bullshit to be the host of her very own late night program again for a brand new network and the first woman to have ever been asked and to have landed a deal to do this. I don't know about you guys. But if someone asks me. I'm very underqualified right now to host a late night show that i'm going to be like breaking barriers. Undoubtedly getting a pretty sizable paycheck. I'm saying yeah. I'm saying yes. Of course she says yes because she's not an idiot meanwhile over at nbc johnny not knickers in a twist carson hears about this takes it as a giant trail and bans her from appearing on the tonight show pretty much ever again. What i say bad. I mean quite literally bands her. she's he also uses his influence to like. Make sure that she's not a lot of other. Nbc properties she does the fox show. It lasts for about a little less than a season. they replace hurts politics left and writing shortly thereafter. Her husband commits suicide. She wanted to fire him and then she stood up for him to okay. We're going to fire both of you. Which makes me sound makes it sound like. They wanted to fire her because of whatever was going on politics in the first place and the us her husband to like basically do that. I mean it just sounds like that to me yeah. I haven't read a whole a whole lot about what really happened. The scenes because no one was taking super copious notes. But i can't imagine that for someone of her stature who shows fail all the time but to look for a reason to get rid of someone you know if you're a woman on late night You're on a brand new network lake. I i don't necessarily fair to blame her for things like ratings because again a lot of very talented people host late night shows that fail. The way hers went down. Didn't seem like it went down in a good fashion and she after that moment after she got fired from her late night show and after her husband committed suicide which was tangentially seemingly somewhat related at least by her own accounts. She struggled to get a job a largely because of what johnny carson did to her because he had had that fragile white male ego. I don't know if that's the reason but it definitely fits the bill it. Yeah and it has like a mentor. Kind of like a sore mentor. Kind of Attitude about it like will you..

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