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King six teeth, nineteen fifty one, the Frank Dunn murder case Lilly, pro cautioned Frank Dunn. Yeah. One the other day. What are you talking about the other day yesterday that they Frank mid his Qismat? She was in here with MRs Hathaway about five thirty for Frank. I wasn't to work yet. I started Kellaway Frank live. But she said, never mind she already knew let, then what then what is she lived left, MRs Hathaway with a Montigny at half mast to poet, walked out to see Frank? She bumped frying. Dumb. I cur. What do you know? Then start all over again back to the room, right? I seen Frank done with his blood on the monogrammed sheets. Back to the room where this particular set of violence had begun to shape itself, and touch once more of the things that had belonged to a man who had been well, loved gold money clip with his initials, written, and chip emerald. The gold, cigarette case, the gold, keychain the silk robe that hung in the Senate closet and on none of these things, the Mark of an identity that whisper of killer's name. All of it with a man in tweed. Elbow, commenting snickering fingering. The imagine price tag. This.

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