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To promote yet. Of Christ got in your life. I'm faster arrest by you to have it word of playing father in heaven. Thank you for this time to study, you're wearing thank you for this time to put oil in our lambs, send your Holy Spirit to trust uneven goddess into all truth in Jesus name. We pray came in. The last program. We studied oh, we made a presentation on the part of all of the Richmond in lesser roles. And right there we define what applicable is, right and briefly what was the part? He's an imaginary story designed to tell a. A lesson to give. Right in the bible, spiritual lessons. Right. Okay. And and so that you really have to dig into understand it while others will hear it and not understand it and go on with their lives apparently gives symbols and the symbols are meant to for the person hearing to think on them and to decipher the the the moral lessons coming from in that particular out of the rich man, it was a symbol of foot. Those who are spiritually rich, especially the questions. Right. Well, it could be an you. And I and those might be anyone will those who have the riches of the gospel right in lesser roles. Could be who those who are hungering and thirsting after truth. I hope all of our friends out there all of regulation could be found like a lesser today that if. We can go to another guest. That is a bottle and Johnson twenty five talk a few. The thought of Dan virgins. This is present truth because we are supposed to be precipitations of press kit. Let's go back again. If I asked you what was important to understand. That of the Richmond in Lazarus who is important for this guy. That is the us to make Lenny lives of millions of people believe the associate that you go either to a hail or Tony or a heaven for what we saw that. That's that's. Using the bottle. That is a contradiction. That's an extrapolation. That's a big were. In what areas in just going back briefly just to make that point clear what you just said in the powerful abor, odd Abraham and Lazarus while Abraham was able to communicate with the rich man now Abraham was supposedly assume to be in heaven even Harold in say that but it's a -ssume that he's in heaven. And but the rich man was in a place called hell actually said that right? And they will communicating so in reality. Talking to you. So in reality, if we on earth cannot communicate like that to somebody in heaven, what makes us think that if we were in hell, we could do it. Then it doesn't make sense. That's my sense. Okay. Guarding thing to this bottle of the ten virgins. We will see that aid. Is it is president without bottle for this time yet the rich way? The bible teach one of us says that Satan is going to use this using spiritualism like we study and figures program people have. By three ten of that coming today communicating with loved ones over the lethal, the one the leave. Okay. So what we when we hit up rations, especially because there there's this big countries like Mexico s all right that always hearing sane so-called. What a loop poor, you know, version side, so well that is to the bible that me the Cuando out the what evil angels evil spirits angels. Right. Okay. So that's the reason. This breed this will because more and mortis we didn't Gloser to the end. The we study does say that is going to be an angel more desperate and bring all this. Likewise, deplorable divergence do they? Is it is present truth because year, we're going to say the destiny? Listen to the radio listeners. The of each one of us is going to be decided Venezuelan right here on this earth right here. Notting having netting an Kadoorie right here. And let's go. Thing going with the symbols and the bottle. Oh, yeah. Can you read the first one place brother Vansh on the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps and went forth to meet the bridegroom? Okay. Let's go one by what does the far? Yes. This laudable is pertaining to what type of thing the kingdom of heavens. I question is not important for us to lot. Absolutely, absolutely. For us the Christians. Yes, especially. Since the bridegroom is coming. Okay. Okay. Yes. Right now the ten versions as if they were version of virgin is according to the book revelation revelation chapter fourteen is a person who is not defiled hook. I've running a fortune five. Right, right. It's about personal. So here we're talking about ten virgins now. Usually when the word virgin, usually when the were virgin is mentioned, it is in the context of a woman, of course, and sim symbolically, according to the bible to equations chapter five a woman journey by. That's correct. Or my six two. That's correct. Okay desk. Correct. A woman would represent a church. So you have ten here. It's interesting ten why the thing with Balchik that's a number that represents all complete complete. And also the number ten will represent grace because there are ten commandments their ten commandments. Got Lou the what we need is. Thank amendments us right now more net. Less motors. Us to be able to develop his character. My home. We applied us thank principles in our life. We'll be good neighbors. Jot jibs info gap that France kingdom. But advocate mess. Right. Okay. So the Denver and presenting all Christine dome. So to speak these and these virgins virgin would represent purity beauty not that. That's good to what other about harmless like revelations. So there is this message. This is this grabbing of those who are looking for Christ's coming who are separate from being United with the kings of the earth, the church and state a separate them. They're married directly to Christ the pronounced lease. Please. You went the two of you keep up on this because and it's important. So it's Denver, Jim judges churches been present beauty interfaith. How do we know that they have left right in the head? What does this accord? By the lamps represent more cornutus on one nineteen. I one of five the bible says die word is a lamp onto my feet and a light onto my path. So these ten versions attend churches symbolically had access to the word of God. And man, they have the bible they claim they're about the bible Easter book of ruling the life and have a pure faith. And that you're okay. Okay. All the judges that then okay? Is a big number. So all we say openly all the judges that claim to the bible included the Seventh Day Adventists. Okay. It's been represented. You know, we glad that we are not in the Protestant church of the gut rice up and the duck as his you know, that tried to bring back the people to to their full the metal that belief. Jesus said if you draw night to God, he will join night you. So they went forth to meet the bridegroom with their lamps, which is the worst gun and the bridegroom Jesus said in Matthew nine fifteen can the children of the bride chamber mourn as long as the bridegroom is with them. He's talking about himself. Right. But the days will come when the bridegroom Shelby taken from them. And then shall they fast? So the bridegroom represents Jesus and their going forth to me to prepare themselves for Christ second coming than me at this level, the old Christian churches that claim throughout the bible waiting for the coming, of course. But in the part of all that is a problem that we went to see rice bus depot, he pays the problem. Verse three oh this over to. I will has five of them were wise. That's right. We should go to two I and five of them were wise and five or foolish now. The question is how could they be foolish when they all had the word. Of God will verse three tells us verse three tells us says they that were foolish took their lamps. They took their they took their bibles and took. No oil without. I think I think quickly before we move on so five did take oil and did not. That's correct. No. The wise we live compared to some of what will the wise represent Jesus Sukhois that they took the oil, but this war with the wise in the previous chapter. In fact, the last versus the previous chapter in fact, right? Just before this ten virgin parable. Jesus told this little story about. In verse forty eight he says if that evil servant shall say in his heart. My Lord delay is coming in show began to smile, his fellow servants into eat and drink with the drunken the Lord of that, sir shall come in a day when he look at not for him and in an hour that he has not wear Chow cut him, asunder and appointments portion with the hypocrites. That's the foolish. Virgin. That's a foolish servant but the faithful and why serving whom his Lord has made ruler over his servants over his household. Gives those in the house meet induce season blessed is that servant when his Lord cometh shall find. So doing so there's a why servant presenting meet induce, even which we call present truth. And there's the foolish servant who stacks. Oh, he's not coming. I'm going to eat and drink with the drunken and begins to smile, the the foolish certain the Y servants. He still has a lamp is. The asking not the was man was man is the one that always tried to increase is learning in the spinach a lot. Let's get you ready to place. Providence wet onsite nine. Providence nine nine says give instruction to a wise, man. And he will yet be wiser key to just man, and he will increase in learning Jesus increased in stature and wisdom and in favor with God. And man, can you read the same book of throw votes, but ten fourteen? Yes, it says wise men lay of knowledge thing, they an eight. It says the wise in heart will receive commandments, but a printing fool shall fall. Okay. So the wise took the oil there were following the commandment. Okay. If full the bothers driving don't care. That's why you know, even the all of them falsely liberal to get into that in a minute. But though too. There were content with due to stop learning searching for the scripture. We're gonna come into that. 'cause when the big when the biggest revival spirit of revival came to America, especially in around the world. Okay. The eighteenth century century. There was a group of people that say, no, I don't need to know more. They would buck. They reject the messages the first the second and the three angels messages. But there was a group of why why group of people that they receive the new light that was coming from having just when I was in second grade. There was a lady who came in and we had a week of prayer. And she said there's a difference between knowledge understanding and wisdom. She said knowledge is a collection of facts. You learn a lot of facts understanding is knowing how to use those facts to do things. Simple. Wisdom is knowing what the difference between the right? Use those facts and the wrong use between truth and error. That's wisdom allies. Okay..

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