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Brother. BRY which one you go with my God. This has made my favorite Captain Morgan yet. So many good ones It's probably impossible to do just one we might have to do. I just love the idea of coming up with fake lines for all of these as movies like endgame lines actual lines like the rocky airline. We were talking about yesterday while it probably wasn't that high. When he was down thirty five points going into the fifteenth round he was about a trillion? Two one sale But so many Jeff Some little giants neces- roughness space jam. dodgeball vision quest. Was a good one but I'm going to go with I'm going to go with Teen Wolf In the championship and the championship game with the Wolf. If they have the wolf Scotty seemed as favored by what they're like minus two thousand minus two thousand five with without the wolf with Scotty. They're probably a plus two thousand thousand underdog. We've we forget how bad that team was before that game. And then plus when Scotty comes into Jim the game is twenty two three. They are losing. When Scotty comes in? They don't have the wool. They must have been like a thousand and one at that point. Did you see the rostered. Scotty it's the guy for melrose place. It's the fat kid from peewee sermon. Right I mean I could talk about this forever. The weird thing about that beavers team is. They had a lefty on the team. That was actually really good. They never got him the Goddamn Ball. Aw is no no no why but if you there's so many things so many great things about this movie the fact that they really ran like three plays and they just just kept re running them over and over again and that's how they were doing the scoring in that The women in the end song was great. But but in general At twenty any two to three they were probably the biggest which is Scott on the floor that I can remember any movie interesting. Well I'll say I don't want to put a pin in your in your in their bobble here but it's based on a true story. The Wolf The wolf wasn't Michael J. Fox but there was a wolf that can now now. That's a good one team. Will exact definitely a good one parlay kid. Who are you going with? I'll sows all set to take Daniel Russo take the favourite here He that little known in fact I actually grew up a little bit next to his Ralph Machos cousin was a neighbor of mine Growing up Rafeh was addicts hills. Boy I think for A little bit and his cousin lived next. And your cousin. Jill dated Johnny Lawrence Right For a little bit at what she she did. Isn't that a fact and she date the bad guy from the karate kid a little bit Outta town you. I've telling you look find that alphabet. I'm pretty sure I did. Rumors spread anyway. I had not heard of it. But but Salva Bryant bought up the best one of all time. Vision quests yeah right louden swain shoot a couple of things within the wrestling world. If you know why was Louden Swain. The Guy who was sucking wait in that movie all the time right then the always seemed to be the smaller wrestler to Swain at. Didn't it seemed like a total title. Mismatch us what's his name is shoot carrying the logs up the steps. That movie and Matthew Modine was rather a nerdy guy but look that movie movie. How have they not made another one of these movies? Sal you're in Hollywood vision quest wrestling wrestling movies. A little underrated The last one called Win Win Sal. Very good with Paul Giamati very underrated movie. If people here have not seen it we could also say use that in in this spot louden swain pinning shoots in vision quest. Maybe the greatest sports upset of all time and honestly Maybe the most underrated sports movie of all time. Vision Quests Nice Awhile was very Picture hold dear to my heart me putting Matthew Modine in in a wizar- I don't know where the hell we were Simmons with with me. We met him. I think I guess it was at a super bowl or something. I saw him and I asked him if I put them in a way I mean he looked at me like I was speaking mandarin when he was like. What the hell are you talking about? Come on a big picture. I security are leaned forward. He pretends he's a pain. It was great all right. Vision Quest most biggest upsets sports movie. History Harry what are you going with. You know what I was GONNA go. I was going to go with hoosiers. Watch that movie any day of the year three to five days a year but still. Yeah but you know I'm GonNa go with Major League one An amazing comeback to the season by the Indians In the regular season to force the one game playoff versus the Yankees The cast of characters that were in the movie theater Serano You know bashing the ball. W- Joe Boo Rene Rousso when she was actually pretty hot and and Bob you Bob Euchre. Of course it's Harry Doyle right I mean how rate with that but still In the ninth Lugos to Harris to start the game and then he goes to Ricky Vaughn and the top of the night three fastballs strikeout hayward they were and the and the and the top of the night and the bottom. It couldn't have been more cheesy than to have tom upper around For Berenson awesome talent to have he's brought in need you know and I swing font hunt and Willie mays hayes scores from second base to win the division when the game and the one game playoff. That was so amazing ridiculous. All right well you know what I think Nice backhanded compliment to Rene Russo. We should have her on the podcast. Jim Cunningham have her critique carries. Make out a photo from face. That's the only way Outta there. Then winton cop right all right well yeah people get older what happens. Maybe her husband was GONNA make French veterans of making out with girls that she. I don't now Jim. Jim Look into a gym. What's the biggest upset in sports history? I'm going with the nineteen ninety-six film sleepers. Are you guys familiar with that. A feel good movie with Kevin Bacon and Robert Deniro head about the kids who get locked up and Judy and then they played the Garl- in football and they convinced cade resort to play with them and he's really good and they beat the guards huge upset such an upset and the guards are so upset that they beat that kid resulted death. I think anytime you you get a child beaten to death. It's probably the biggest upset ever. I like that I mean there's just so many whenever the guards eat it. Yeah it's great. There's visit got about the longest yard other so many there really are rudy. I mean Rudy is the quintessential that's a true story. So I if we get into true stories as a million million of them about white men can't jump became can't dunk the whole frigging movie and then in the highest pressure situation. He gets it done now. I'm not buying and I say Miaki over crease might have been bigger than Daniel Larussa over Over Johnny Lawrence. How about John Dupont? On killing Dave Schultz Donohoe. Okay well listen mine. Stallone not even any of the rocky movies stallone and over the top up. Oh that's a good one. Lincoln Hawk Against Bull Hurley. But there's bowl early. The guy's got more roles on his neck than a Sharpei dog. He's built like a brick house his arms thicker than cinderblocks. He's two millimeters away from pending stallone's knuckles down. Bry You talk about live bats. That's minus five hundred million at that point and stallone though he goes over the top bloody nose and all he does it. Well it's my and what about. What about stallone son? One he does it to to that other kid that those are all right he does not allow this so money. Th I mean. This could be a three hour podcasts. So so you know what. Let's do it to the boxing. You ever watch that. Which one team to the Max? Where Wolf is a boxer in college and like Talk Tallish Bateman? Yeah exactly it's Michael J. Fox's cousin it's amazing my cousin cousin Joe might have dated. And that's another week. Face and Captain Morgan's make-believe Riverboat. Casino no matter how you live like a captain. Captain Morgan remind you to please drink responsibly. Responsibly captain's orders it's time for shark tank. These guys the boiling over there is best bets. My God there's so many I guess we'll assume people you are listening today. I don't even know what some of your best bets are There's a lot of New Year's bowl games and stuff and obviously the four playoff games. We mentioned Let's start you off poly kid. Would you like doc best bet this week sal is the saints And a point favorite. Isn't this an angry playoff team. Right now the saints. I mean they finish thirteen and three now they. They don't even get a first round by winning. Thirteen Games They're angry over the last couple of years the way. The playoffs have ended in particular A couple years ago against the same Vikings net They lost and So quite frankly I really liked him. I don't think this game is ever ever going to be very close. The saints you said before a clicking on all cylinders Kamara is now a back to being himself. The last few games scoring touchdowns running wild Michael Thomas cannot be stopped and their defense is very solid and their defense defensible. Do a good job of stopping Dalvand Cook. They're going to put the pressure on Kurt cousins to throw the ball and win the game. He has proven he can not not do that. And these types of situations. There's no better crowd than the saints crowd so that is a very probably the most difficult place to play in the NFL in my book. So I think the saints cover this game and they win a going away At some point in the second half they really start pulling away so saints. It's minus eight my best better the week all right and you know. What if nothing else par like you? We look at the sideline and see coach Zimmer and coach Peyton and say This is what could have been right as absolutely John would have been all right. Harry coming off a loss. What do you think best bet? Yeah I'M GONNA go Friday to the Idaho Potato Bowl in Boise Idaho Ohio minus eight against Nevada. And I look I O. Six and six Nevada. is seven five. The reason why Ohio's it was minus eight here in this game Way outclass. I'm Nevada. had a very easy scheduled very lucky to be even and all their quarterback Nathan roar at thirty two total total touchdowns this year the the whole team of Nevada. The quarterbacks had thirteen touchdowns and thirteen interceptions Also Ohio in.

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