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A pot they tend northwest part the one yard line he'll position totally flips it changes it changes the position of the game and now you've got the sparks really beyond midfield in tears tori but again these guys are really good burst their ron michigan state second in the conference eight the nation you sought there on that last set it down man ran out there were tough audrain luck did athletic actor measured onset lowered qatar hey where they have to backs flank and quarterback liu working actually london ouseley running back and they affect the gift to heaven al hayward takes it left side hayward alluded him out of the backfield turns the corner gets inside the forty five out of bounds down at they've forty one yard live now they're going to say one out i think before that let's see where they marked the ball back at the forty six so gain a out of all that of only about two and a half yards looked like more and l say he stepped out before that june stout by patty fisher that looked like an old t formation there it it did at this time now he's empty they go out they with lower he's got to receivers either side here of secca down at seventy arch to go and that's not a quarterback draw low work a up the metal plows his way inside the forty it out of the thirty eight he's got a first out you could see what they did their day they spread the field out route that use all fiftythree a third yards he got the quarterback city no outsize sixyard steven who just fine debt little hole and a little alley to run through what other team of you see do that over the years yeah i want an purple or today black first out of the thirty seven yard live all the wildcat seven nothing michigan state eleven fit paid a i have two receivers out to the.

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