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Mark Webber, Lock in empty bottle buster bother ways Lock no scooter, slipping slowly to its good Lot ghost of those son, Wisconsin wearing time. Black alone. Bombs watch the world on one, Doug Nowhere going nowhere with me. Yeah, This is park where, but this is always in fashion. If you're still listening, E make the surprise because I'm rambling tonight. I'm talking about whatever I want to talk about. I'm under house arrest at my little crazy. Yeah. 10 months of this I'm a little off. Having said that? I think we're gonna look back in time and really appreciate all this extra time. We've had to be amongst ourselves. For me. One of the great benefits his TV. I did become a fan of sports. I've been watching football every game. I can get my eyes on. Wait before you even go there. Can we talk for a second about Charlie Woods? Absolutely. Go ahead. What would you like to say? You talk about sports? How amazing. Was it? Seeing Tiger Woods son play with him in that tournament. That was surreal. That was one of the most amazing things I think we've ever seen. What was amazing seeing an 11 year old competed golf, but even more amazing. Did he have the most beautiful golf swing you ever saw? He's many tiger. They called them the cub, his mannerisms, his swing. They all look like Tiger Woods. You would expect that you'd expect the sun Of the greatest golfer in the history of the sport to be like that. Oh, well, it's a leap, but yeah, I guess so. He's following in his father's footsteps. And what a sweet little boy He's cute, E. He had the right attitude. I love what he did The fist pump. Yeah, it was great to watch. Great watch, talk about being at home and under house arrest. That was a great one. All right, let's talk about some other stuff. TV is my favorite movie. I didn't think of it Was you ready? My favorite movie in a long time is the last movie I actually saw in movie theaters. What was it The gentleman Matthew McConaughey. That's a great movie and on always in fashion, you talk about style. That movie had great style. I loved watching that movie. They most amazing acting of that movie. Can I tell you Can I tell you? Of course you know you grant. Hugh Grant, because he was so unlike you, Grant, you would forget it. Tim, if all you heard was the action, and you weren't watching, you would have no idea that that's Hugh Grant's voice, His accent his behavior, You know when these guys connect You know what? I think most of us here is sitting your house. Look at these movies, he said. I could do that. I could do that. You don't realize how hard acting really is. And how good these guys are taking themselves outside themselves and doing something with it. Plus it was Guy Ritchie film is really cool. Very different. I loved it. 1 to 10. I gave it a 10. Have a favorite movie or TV show, Jess. Ah, you know, it was amazing. The Queen's gambit. I mean, I don't know anything about chess. I've never played chess in my life. I've never shown an interest in chest and you don't even need to know anything about chest T O love this story. It's incredible the acting the time pieces. It was amazing to watch, and she was incredible to watch. She's going to be a superstar. You watch and see. You know what is a sleeper that I don't hear anybody talking about? But I love watching five seasons of it. Peaky blinders. What's that guy's name? Who stars in that Killian Murphy? I hated him. After Batman. He played that weirdo. This thing. He's a 10. I loved it. Great Show what was the best made for TV movie extraction from Chris Hemsworth on Netflix. I got to tell you one of the best action movies I've ever seen, and I was not expecting anything from this movie. It was like a combination of Jason Bourne. John Wick, and I don't even know what else you know. I wasn't surprised because I'm a big fan of him. And I think it was produced by the same people that did Avengers. So you would expect a quality product Unbelievable action movie. Then there was a funny of romantic comedy that I kind of loved. I don't like the lead star. You gotta remember. Help me with his name. Charlize Theron. Zenit Seth Rogan. Yeah. You know what the name of that movie was Long shot. Seth Rogan and Charlize Theron. It was one of the funniest movies and the lines. If you really watch it, it's a mile a minute. Funny stuff. So there's a lot of stuff going on a TV right now, which, fortunately, I got to watch. What else you like? What can I tell you? What I didn't like? Sure Tenant, Christopher Nolan's tenant. And if I tell you, I had such high expectations for this movie. Couldn't have been more disappointed. This thing you need to be like, Ah, bio engineer physicist to understand what's going on and unbelievably complicated. Movie that like, why do I? Even after I watched the movie I had to go online to figure out what was happening. And I still don't understand it. Why does it have to be like that? Why? It could have been made too much so more simple. Okay, I watched it the first time and I didn't understand that. I admit I was a little sleepy. I was falling asleep here and there, but the opening scene. James Bond, It was a 10. 10. No to say I understood what was going on. Absolutely not. Absolutely not. Then I watched the second time and at the end of the second time, there's still too much unexplained, But it's film beautifully. And the concept is pretty crazy. You know what it was like. Okay. When he did inception, I thought that was an interesting concept, right? It's about dreams. I could buy that this concept and I'm not going to ruin it. I don't understand why even anybody would think to make a movie about this. You know what it failed. The most scary part is it's failing because of covert. It's not in the theaters. Wonder Woman's coming out. I think they're worried that the same thing's gonna happen. So what's gonna be with Hollywood? If you can't go to the theaters and you can't make big money online? I don't know you and I talked about James Bond. I said I'd pay $1000 to see James Bond online right now. I happen to be under house arrest, and I'm talking about it tonight, and those of you stayed with us from the beginning you were going to determine whether or not this is his good or is confusing his tenant. I'm all over the place. I'm talking about whatever I want to talk about. I hope that's okay. Either way. I'll be back in a minute. Always in fashion thistles. Mark Webber. I remember so clearly when Donna Karen hit the scene. It was explosive. She was one of the most dynamic designers in the history of the world, and how product was very, very different for anything anyone in America had ever seen. She was modern. She was New York. She was vibrant. When you looked at the business in those days, there are companies like Ralph Polo or Tommy Hilfiger on Orica great traditional American brands, but no one identified modern. You wanted modern you had to find George Armani. Black was the basis of his presentation and everything about it had a European chic to it. But Latin America until Donna came Donna was a New York life resident. Understood the pace of the city. Understood what it was like to live in the city that never sleeps. That goes 24 7. Donna invented DK and y Donna Karen, New York. I'll never forget the first time I saw it. I was in London and they had built a magnificent four Flory store in a building with an open roof. A glass ceiling glass ceiling, I suppose, representing which changing the way things are done. DK and why was frankly nothing short of extraordinary. Both men and both for women. Black was the basis of the brand, although there many colors played off the palate. And they all look good against black. Let's face it. We live active lifestyles. We get up in the morning. We do different things. We work we play. Evenings is about entertaining as seeing the best that New York has too often. He came. Why Officer collection immense wearing women's wear, but footwear, accessories, suits, shirts, ties. Women's sports were women's activewear that speaks to the lifestyle that goes with you wherever you want to go, and it's always modern. It's always contemporary. It's always at the forefront of what fashion should be. With the New York lifestyle in mind. I've lived the life. I was the chairman and CEO Donna Karen. I understood what that brand men and I can tell you. If you want to step out. You want to walk away from your traditional routes? If you want to be modern, you want to make a statement of elegance but in the New York kind of way with sophistication Of New York. As a person who understands all the city has to offer and all the modern lifestyle in America is about you find it everywhere..

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