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Is anyone have a five dollar dinger. Tuesday you guys betting baseball all over the place. I don't know it. Just pick one of these yankees yankees play tonight right while kid right game two against yeah. Sure i mean i'll i'll say let's look. Void stays hot a home run again for the second consecutive. I mean certainly not gonna pick Alonzo here oh here. We go do. What did this ask god. By the way the mets are like minus two fifty ninth grade. What the hell always have the homerun derby. Sal i really do i. It's unbelievable how it worked. Pollock the cowboys are gonna embarrass us tonight. Attacked the mets and the mets were half game up. They gave up three to philly and worse yet like we saw bryce harper a week ago was fifty two won the won mvp. I talked about it. Now what does he now. Like four to one Let me see now. I haven't even seen bryce harper two plus two sixty or something to sort out what it is. Plus two seventy two ts banged up to is even odds bright opera plus two seventy fifty to one we go today and where she had. Zack wheeler former. Met plus one sixty to win the cy young so when it rains it pours there for out of it though. Sal they'll i mean they had a tough the dodgers and giants that come in here. So they really. They got a great pass. The easy part of their schedules. It doesn't help that. You haven't heard a thing about the graham a month i may. Whoa what's the deal. I mean they might be hiding something that that you don't even know about throws four no hitters in september is twenty five. I was just looking at pretty sure. He gave the phillies out to win that division. When we did this last year this time last week they were plus two eighty. The braves will plus two eighty. So you could jump all over these baseball. All right so you say. Luke void to win to hit a home. Run to get twenty five twenty five dollar homerun wager. Yes you can get right there. Five dollar bonus credit for every home hitting the game. Luke void games going extra innings can be one one and the ninth. And and you're over bet is gonna hit they go yankees. Let's do sharp tank aren't however you wanna take it away. What's your picture season football shirts. No more baseball for me through it. I'm taking the texans speaking the Texans plus three at green bay Aside from the ford one against spread the last five preseason openers including losing by two green bay two years ago slasher This is a game where it just seems like the made that this is phony. Three three point spread following. Everyone's gonna want about football. They're all no one's gonna take the tax on those cats. So give me jeff driscoll late the game for the texans and he gets it done on they cover the three against the packers side. I can't make fun of him. there's there's nothing the nabet anymore so is just for next couple of weeks right so i don't know we're going to nobody else has racine voting against aken for detroit tiger knows my Dow is it as your extra expect. I bride jump in well. I feel like an idiot doing this. I was thinking. I wanted to change it out but i just didn't have enough time but i am going a found out right before right after i made this pick i was going to. I'm taking. The dodgers phillies under eight and a half. But harry has this i. Oh yeah our point. Pick which rosen nola right. Yeah but i can't win to the row bri so it might right. It's better that way but it's still like a fifty percent chance of winning point so but even though that the phillies have been hot but sherzer chooser has pitch really well against them. This season i think the totals in those games were three five and four and his three games against Against the phillies knowle's been inconsistent. But he was good the last game at home it. He's been good at times So expect i would say zero zero game after nine and then nine runs in the tent for me to lose this bet dr all right under a dodgers under so much fun there really is stole all my reasonings for that on extra points by. Yeah you know it's funny it's I i actually didn't usually we text each other. Who we take. And i i the antara for all right i. I only have two to choose from because parlay kids suspension continues here. Oh shit yeah pollock. Don't tell us who you would have. You could say who you had last week. Because i would have given out been sent a lucane. Brian does this said that to to his fight which she didn't spectacular fashion the other night right. You know i listen. There's there's one. I would love to give out right now because now we can hear it's sure-fire sure maybe putting some kind of code or something. There's a surefire game on the board right. Was it just the sport. You would have to wait till sunday for the results of this is see. Well because it's it's it's it's it's the guy and this is the tournament that got me started betting on golf real where years ago. I bet this guy every year in this tournament and odds right. Now he's leading the i. We don't wanna know too much. You can't i can't tell you this. Yeah it's he named his daughter after this tournament. That's how much success he has that right and And he's coming. Who are bari nelson. This is a different. Not even keep the it's it's the wyndham championship. My right. that's the tournament this. That's man has come in top three four years in a row so i oh my golf winnings on for this man. He got me started the first. I gotta say down paulie kid. You should the tuition parlay the tuition pack and half tuition pick years ago anyway. So what darren so. What you're saying is if anyone wants to really know what the pick is they should go to best buy out losers go best bet but i tell you what i really up on faneuil. Okay finishing position and they're so much better than they are on other sites. It's not a great. You can get him right. There's like four good. God ford top golfers. You can get this guy in god's for top ten on faneuil that you'd have to get top five on other sites that i can't control your twin if you want to tweet out your win. That's why we just can't featured on shark tank but tweet tweet. I didn't i did not feature it on shark tank. That's all right. We didn't throw you twitter. Polish marjorie taylor off now all right. I'm gonna go the dual. Pick their brother. Brian harry and some sort of a dodgers phillies under a great pitching matchup. Great series the stage in the year. Fifty games left. Let's take that on their eight and a half c. minus one. Oh four day. Go harry you are. You're making your way to me right..

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