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Who's ready to rock today fire nation jld here ends walk oems episode 1800 in '83 of your fire rush hour entrepreneurs on fire seven days a week entities gas is none other than orion dice ryan are you prepared to ignite i'm already on fire already ignite it happened it happening before i signed up i was so excited oh it's fire nation ryan if you don't know this already is the cofounder and ceo of digital marketing dot com e ends host of the traffic in conversion summit which is the largest digital marketing conference in north america he's the founder of dozens count them dozens of companies selling everything from makeup russia's to crossbows even industrial water filters ryan take a minute fill in some gaps from that intro and give us a little glimpse of your personal life yes army new the only thing i would add to that ensures that maybe it makes me sound cooler than i deserve 'cause you hear about all these different businesses and things like that what that really means i suffer from an extreme case of entrepreneurial add and so if i were actually to focus on any one of those things i'm sure that out private a lot more successful have a lot more free time but that in selling very much fun to me so as a result instead yeah we've we've scaled are different systems and processes in lots and lots and lots of industries lots of different articles and product types but what's cool about that is when i talk about it through digital marketer i e it means that the things that we teach i know that they don't just work when you're selling marketing stuff to marketers you know it works across all of these different industries and vertical so that's a lot of on aside from that uh let's see married for almost fifteen years four awesome kids and so i don't ever really get to do anything alone i guess that's the best way i'm constantly surrounded by human beings on side but it's great yeah great great life good get times but i had this great podcast nasuti were talking about can't you kind of hideaway in their little that i am that's exactly i will add i totally forgot that during this i was actually just in the studio curled up in a ball.

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