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Find yourself with a victory tonight against this Mariners team that is at this point looking to lose more than they win that is for sure. And maybe Alex bregman bust out a little bit because that batting average for him as a little bit low. I know he's overall. Not happy. See with the starting lineup tonight, presented to you by MAMBO, seafood. Your mumbo Nikko starting lineups presented to you by MAMBO seafood for the stroz and a j Hinchey rolls out his card like this Derek Fisher in the Leo spot plays left field. Batting second is the shortstop tonight. Alex bregman Josh Radic is the designated hitter. He will third. Yuli gurriel is the third baseman in the cleanup spot Robertson, Trina catcher. That's v Tyler white the first baseman bat sixth Jake Maricic, the center fielder. Batting seventh Jack Mayfield at second base tonight bats eighth and mile straw, the right, fielder bats nights around out that Astros lineup for the Mariners and Scott service, he's filling out his looking like this Malik Smith. The center fielder is in the leadoff spot. Mitch Haniger all-star last you're struggling this year. He doesn't bust out against the Astros. He's the two hole. He plays right field. Edwin Edwin Encarnacion. His days are numbered in Seattle. He's the first baseman tonight. He will bat, third Daniel Vogel box designated hitter, isn't the clean cleanup spot. Kyle Seager third-base bats v. Omar nevarez is the catcher batting sixth. Former Astro Domingo Santana. The leftfielder bat seventh shed long. The second base in bats eighth Dylan. More rounds their lineup. He is the nine hole. He will play shortstop tonight for that Seattle squad. Dr Whitsett in the Whitsett vision group present to you the look around the league, I mentioned earlier MLB draft going on. There are Texas guys littered across the board. We are at this point twenty picks into the draft the Astros picket, thirty two so we'll see what they do in terms of that, pick, Robert Fordham, sif sparked tool alert you to what that pig is on the air during the broadcast. I am sure of that. But just a couple of those Texas names had been selected royals taking Bobby Witt junior shortstop out of Kali Ville in up there heritage high school in Collegeville of with the second pick the other Texas guys were taking the reds going with Nick lamelo, the pitch. Out of TCU, Josh junk, third baseman from Texas Tech guns up. He unfortunately, went to the Texas Rangers with the eighth pick Baylor catcher. Shea Gary sorry. Shane, he won't the ninth pick to the Braves third baseman out of lake Travis high school in Austin, went with the twelfth pick to the Mets, Texas, well, represented clothing. Saint-just sinto, junior college Jackson bridge went to the national's. The seventeenth thick, but that will do it for us here in the on deck show. Robert foreign Steve sparks coming up next from T mobile park, no tinting show after the ball game with being a late night, west coast games starting after nine. So we'll talk to you tomorrow morning at six AM on the Sean Salisbury. Show about this victory is the stroz to make it four straight in the first.

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