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Daniella Dorsey NewsRadio wofl a dry this morning with a 40% chance of rain through the afternoon and evening, Otherwise a high of 92. It's 80 degrees at news radio. W F L A Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden is touting his running mate, Kamala Harris, as ready to step into the top job right away. Biden introduced her at an event in his home state. It was the first joint appearance of the Democratic Party ticket. You're next vice president of states. Comma. The event took place at the high school gymnasium in Joe Biden's hometown in Delaware. Biden had nothing but praise for his vice presidential choice. Comma smart, She's tough. She's ready to do this job on day one and Kamala Harris immediately went on the attack going after the Trump administration, the case against Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Is open and shut. She accused the president of not taking the cove in 19 crisis seriously. Biden and Harris stood near each other but generally kept their social distance. Steve Futterman CBS NEWS I'm Stephen Portnoy. President. Trump says he only watched a moment of the Democratic tickets debut. Still sounds incredulous about the choice. Pointing the Harrises strategy at last year's debates, she said far worse about Biden than I ever did. Mr. Trump is, of course, repeatedly insulted Biden and called for him and his son to be investigated by other countries. President says he believes Harris will ultimately prove to be a big failure. Stephen Portnoy, the White House school administrators are trying to track the Corolla virus numbers while deciding when to open schools. The governor, DeSanto says. Don't believe everything you hear and many you're keeping a keen eye on various Corona virus indicators, which is understandable. I would, though, offer often some caution. To decision makers to understand the value but also the limitations of some of the data that gets published. The warning comes after a data don't from a Miami lab showed some cases dating back as far as June. Still no deal on a massive stimulus bill that could extend unemployment benefits to millions of Americans Wednesday brought warring statements from the top Democrats in Congress and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin after he reached out to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to try to make progress on an economic stimulus package. But both sides are no closer to a deal. Democrats say they'll only agree to meet if Republicans are willing to bump up their package. In exchange for lowering their demands. The White House says. Democrats refused to negotiate as trillions and aid hang in the balance. Wendy Gillette CBS News to People from Bradenton, accused of selling a fake cure for Corona virus. I've been arrested for doing the same thing in another country. Two men from Florida wanted by the feds for allegedly selling a bleach like chemical as a supposed miracle cure for Corona virus disease, and other things have been found in a beach town in Colombia. Mark and Joseph Granite, who are from Bradenton, Florida, We're using the town to ship orders of the bleach stuff, which they labeled as Miracle mineral solution. Mark Grant and styles himself an archbishop of a church in Florida. Which is used to sell the product under the guise of a religious sacrament. They've been ordered for years to stop selling it, but they've ignored judge's orders calling them unconstitutional. Evan Brown News Radio Wofl, A A black militia group does not intend to attend a protest planned by right wing groups this Saturday at George's Stone Mountain Park, leader of in fact, told The Atlanta Journal Constitution that organization does not intend to interfere with the group's constitutional right to protest. Black women who wear their natural hairstyle claim they don't get the same treatment on the job is those with straight hair Professor Ashley Shelby Rosette says The research shows that women of color with braids, Afros or twist are often seen as less professional than black women with straightened hair. As part of the study, participants of different races were asked to act as job recruiters and black women with natural hairstyles received lower scores for professionalism and were recommended less often for interviews. And black women with straight here or white living with curly or straight here, Rosette says the research could help firms make sure they're considering job candidates equally. Adelson Keys, CBS News, the New York Yankees and TIC TAC or making a deal despite President Trump's threats to shut down the popular social media app in the US over national security concerns. Tic TAC will pay $10 million for sponsorship rights, including signs at Yankee Stadium. It's a 35 at news radio fella whether his neck Apple Federal Credit Union has so many great things. I just had to put them into a jingle I came up with on the fly. There's truly free checking. But wait..

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