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Hello I'm Christine. Welcome to the Ferry Very Special Review of twenty deny podcasts. It's exciting isn't it. It means you don't have listened to the previous two thousand eighteen revere podcasts Happy Birthday Delay Joke But it is indeed the end of two thousand nineteen Larry Bounce is what is December eighteenth. I'm recording this. Yes December eighteenth when we were recording. This still a couple of days to go in in a year so a couple of films yet to come out but frankly this is our only time slot so here we are and we're going to be looking back over the year that was to do over the next couple of hours. Hopefully our four colleagues of such lethal cunning. Can you believe such a thing. It was a bumper year. Helen O'Hara welcome. Thank you how are you. I'm I'm good. I'm feeling good about this year. Really Yeah is in goodbye year. You were shapes scree film wise you brought me many treats all that's nice good Gidell's Santa Film We're also joined by Bennie boy. Benny Blanco from the Bronx. bete-noire Travis Suspect Been Travis is into Harry. Oh own shit. When it comes to been won't blown could just do whatever okay ever bear connects? All James Dyer is also here. No Gold I'm really tired. I'm really tired and and We spent at least forty five minutes trying to get into the pod booth so yes so that was fun literally true breaking the door down. Yeah we we for anyone to Ocean's eleven started tunnelling under and distracting people with all sorts of subterfuge but Lennox Lewis wasn't available box and having wheeled inside. It's is my banana box. I was going to go in through the vents diehard style and then we just decided to our societies for the code and now on to out and then we had to do three times. We did the different 'cause three studios and they gave me the wrong seat. I I'm here the second time and then third time lucky and literally the only one those left but then final correct just just to just to double down. You're quartering so we finally get the the third time lucky. Finding the code to get in the studio and James Starts Turning the lock the wrong way a third time of asking. Helen had Helen's planet to him not to turn the other way. What is code for people who want to break into the studio? It's just it's the holiday. See One eight four quits. Dial eight hundred. Fuck wait to get into the empire podcast Studio Jio so we do it every single day. Anyway lose guys you know them all there regularly on the podcast. Or they're they're about the place can't get rid of them Want to train but every now and again we are blessed by the presence of our I WANNA say West Coast editor but he can also be on USA editor. But anyway you know him a James White we know him as high may Blanco. How are you sir? Hello folks I am well jetlagged but well jetliners flew last night your arms must be tired etcetera etcetera. Yeah so movie in one of the walkout how are you I am. I'm jetlagged. You're not jet LAG Georgia's tired you can start you out very late when I was very very late Marvel public isn't GONNA play itself. Oh my God that's only partially true story anyway. That was a very very late very very early. But it's fine you don't want to hear about Mitra vials. You don't WanNa hear what struggles you want to hear about what we thought of the year. Twenty nineteen and we have a whole bunch of listener the questions to get into and to dig into over the course of the The podcast but first of all. Let's turn over the more general terms. What do we make of this year? Cinematic speaking obviously in other areas. It was fantastic for me. Football Team won the league and became argument the best team in the world. Sorry I didn't see two thousand. Nine hundred post cost is a shame. You just don't see years two or deep films lets you want to. Yeah okay so As what are we maybe think this year good to have happy. It was a really good year. For a mix of like massive blockbusters that delivered on a really big scale and also lots of Radi. It was a big year for original projects and for some really strong independent films so really good coming of age movies this year and I love coming of age films so I had a pretty how nobody relate directly to your life. Yes I'm like. ooh This is me. This is me suggest Were you had been nineties. You had book smart. You had eighth grade which I know in in the US but that was that was this year here. Yes We have blinded by the light yes foods of great great coming of age films. It's fantastic Before we get onto everyone everyone else's general reaction to the year. We should talk about the elephants in the room. Right this phrase macos but there are two massive elephants in the room. One Benjamin alluded to with their release dates. Yeah Okay So. This is all based in London were based in UK and I'm quite firm about this guy's The two films were discussing our twenty nineteen films as they came out they were theatrically released in two thousand nineteen in. UK's that means we're discussing stuff that probably came out in the state last year. Things like has Bam already mentioned. Eighth Grade aide were discussing was if beale street could Tocqueville streaky talk although stuff like that comes out in January February On these shores we will also not be discussing things like parasites which shaw or Joe Joe Rabbit which are twenty twenty releases in the UK but our twenty nineteen in the states. We don't like them. It just means they're not here this year. Absolutely if you want to hear this. Go Sam on the review podcast. It will have to be next year. You'RE GONNA have to wait an awful long time but I'm quite militant about this. I have to say I did a tweet about this. The other week on calls quite I to star I've got a few people's backs up. I have to say and I have this. You know they they're going. Well no should matter. It was when you see the film the Councilman No. That's thus issue showing off. Because you have a cushy job like we do and you're showing off. He's all film early at a film festival. But let's people don't have the chance duly so we're sticking to official UK release dates. If you don't like it as my grandmother one said he can bite me date. You can bite date That's what she used to say. Dates are delicious nutrition. She was going downhill fast. At the time none of us knew she was making any sense in fairness. Is that what you get it from..

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