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Steph Chris Paul, Cleveland, Boston discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show


Running up and down the court particularly jacking up shots without work in the clock gives golden state more opportunities to shoot the ball as well even if they're after mate shots by houston because of the pace of play and if that happens right if that happens the you're giving essentially klay thompson and steph curry more reps to get warmed up and once that happens good god almighty look out there's something special is something special that's just where i'm at with it i think no matter what where you go 'isolation play houston uptempo pace houston it's still works in golden state's favor and by the way if c p three is ever to be humbled on the basketball court it usually occurs against curry because no matter how much of a great defender steph chris paul is what are you gonna do for somebody that could pull up from forty you don't do what the hell is supposed to do that's how good steph careers unless you just pray for miracle his shot is off i don't see how you can overcome that i truly truly don't it is eight minutes in an eight seven two three seven seven six as it pertains to boston and cleveland is very very simple to me boston has no answer for lebron james i they have an answer for any other equation any other situation they second three point field goal shooting shooting percentage in the nba i get all of that jason tatum been cut so jaylen brown it relatively young twenty one and nineteen nineteen and twenty one respectively al horford great addition even though his kryptonite has been lebron james and the playoffs shoot just like the moderation.

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Steph Chris Paul, Cleveland, Boston discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show

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