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Because we connect employers and people every day but today is different we're partnering with first responders government officials the medical community the innovators in the manufacturing transportation and food distribution industry to make sure we're finding the right people for the right jobs right now let's work together ziprecruiter dot com slash work together all the talk about re opening the economy as well should be because the fact is twenty two million Americans lost their jobs in the last month they're all sitting home and everybody is eager to get back to work and the question is what is the best way to get back to work the trump administration taking this seriously in reality people are gonna start getting back to work in many states by may first certainly in most states by may fifteenth by the middle of may Ben Carson the housing and urban development secretary he was asked about about the economy and he says listen all this talk about how like we have to wait till the matter is completely gone let's be accurate about this is never going to happen we need to re open we want to keep things going so that once the virus problem has been eliminated we can go back and it doesn't mean that we have to wait until every vestige of the virus is gone you know common sense would dictate that if we wait until everything is gone our economy will be gone also so we have to recognize that obviously you know there are risks benefits and risk and everything and we have to weigh those things and that's what a test forced us okay so that is the role of the task force not being pushed ahead no question by some of the protest and then breaking out in states across the country there's big protest Michigan there's big protest in Kentucky now one of the critics is being used against the protesters and really it's it's just bad PR for the protesters is that they're not socially distancing not wearing masks sharing food and all this don't deny the corona virus exists in our own lives guys like how bout this your whole contention which I think is a very good contention is I am responsible enough as a free human being to go out and not affect other people and to go back to work and enjoy life and either restaurant six feet away from somebody else and not in fact everybody around me and it seems fair to me thanks truly I think I'm I'm pretty much on board with that but you know to be a good way to demonstrate that is by actually engaging in responsible behavior at these protests so that you can give the media a baton to hit you with any smart way to do all of this because president trump yesterday he laid out a plan for reopening the states I think that the plan is actually too restrictive in some ways but president trump said some states could open relatively soon we're moving toward it I think twenty nine states are in that bowl game not open enough for opening but I think they'll be able to open relatively soon I think the remainder are just getting better left New York New Jersey I haven't the tough times and they'll be there they'll be there some point but they're not going to be one of the earliest I took it a bit later obviously but we have a lot of states that two location to lock and also through a lot of talent we have stage to a lot of talent or a very good position and they're getting ready to open and over the next very short period of time it's going to be up to the governor's not very as governors are taking advantage of this Alabama has already announced that they are going to reopen some businesses immediately the Alabama lieutenant governor will Ainsworth and small business emergency task force on Friday unveiled a plan to reopen some small businesses in the state immediately apparently Kay Ivey took only took part in phone calls the Alabama governor took part in a phone call with the trump administration on Thursday to discuss the efforts to combat coronavirus and the governor says the day she is moving toward a decision to re open large swaths of the state governor Greg Abbott in Texas says that they are going to allow retail establishments you basically all go take out so if you wanna buy something from Macy's you'll be able to stop swing by the front door and pick stuff up from Macy's which makes sense now these stores and inventory wanna buy online and pick it up and make some sense other states are holding off more buildup Lazio New York he says well you know we might close beaches for the entire summer which is a hell of a tank I mean we don't even know where things are gonna be in two months the sort of long term estimates are very bizarre considering that this is changing day by day here is the mayor of New York imagine Coney Island the Millis summer hundreds of thousands of people and you know I've I've been on Coney Island Coney Island on that beach many times hundreds of thousands of people packed tightly together like I don't see that happening anytime soon so then obviously you could have a situation where people can go to the beach to walk along the beach but not in large numbers anytime soon but the notion of having lifeguards and people coming to the beach like normal we don't have that in our sites yet I think it's going to be tough to project right now I'd say lower expectations just for everyone's sanity lower expectations okay meanwhile Andrew Cuomo says that the entire state wide lockdown is basically extending until may fifteenth makes more sense in places like like New York and it does in other places in the country because New York of course the epicenter of all this year is governor Cuomo to close down policies will be extended in coordination with other states to may fifteenth I don't want to project beyond that period that's about one month's one months is a long time people need certainty and clarity so they can plan I need a coordinated action plan with the other states so one month will continue to close their policies what happens after then I don't know now this is not mean that these governors are actually doing these clothes the shutdown policies in a responsible fashion governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey put out a bizarre order where he suggested that you can go out to religious services but you can't go in person religious services but you can if you socially distance is not it is very confusing Tucker Carlson had on the show and said to him so what about the constitution and your order which seems to specifically single out religious institutions like you can have a blanket ban on gatherings about the certain size but specifically signal a single out religious institutions that's unconstitutional governor Phil Murphy I do not have a great response by what authority did you notify the bill of rights in issuing this order how do you have the power we were that that's above my pay grade soccer so I wasn't I wasn't thinking of the bill of rights we do this we went to all of first of all we looked at the data science and it's as big people have to stay away from each other and that is a horrible answer I wasn't thinking of the bill of rights they have horrible answer is not above your pay grade you're the governor of the state so you want to find a policy to find your policy now in Ohio governor DeWine has suggested some businesses may in fact re open by may first yeah this is about to enter a new phase we have to get that Ohio economy moving again we have to get people back to work he didn't commit to allowing the state home or to expire as scheduled on may first he didn't identify restrictions but everybody is is moving pretty swiftly toward the notion that we are going to have to have a phase reintroduction of business he didn't say when the K. through twelve schools are going to be re opened he says will deal with the schools shortly and Mike DeWine also suggested that we don't want to go back and then have a disaster huge spike in the number of people who test positive in the hospital that would be a disaster so we need to be safe and how we do all of this all of this can be done cautiously and carefully and that is what the White House is recommending as well in Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer has left all sorts of caution behind in Michigan there's one area she's definitely keeping up and that is abortion clinics so if you get elective surgery for a hip replacement then that is on hold but if you need to kill that baby that's definitely still on the table in Michigan we'll get to that in just one second first let's talk about the about you're using to listen to shows like this one I think but I mean really then the wires connected to them you bomb a permanent pocket now they're all just tied up and you can't extricate them or yeah I was I don't figure you're properly because the one size fits all why don't go try everyday each.

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