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Jason Romano J, B, HD, two Sacramento and can't be. K. FM paulo. From ABC news. I'm Scott Goldberg. President Trump has signed into law, a long delay disaster aid Bill, for Americans at by recent storms floods, and fires the package provides more than nineteen billion dollars to communities across the country, including inboard Areco. Also, today, the government's giving wireless carriers the green light to put the brakes on robocalls, when the robot comes calling his filing lawsuits against you. You'd rather insert the Federal Communications Commission as made it easier to block those scans before they reach your phone. We are calling you from investigation division voting delivered phone companies block unwanted calls based on a computer analyzing similar numbers. One reason the FCC commissioners voted so quickly to block the calls. They get them to Andy Field. ABC news Washington in New York, a West Point cadet was killed twenty two others injured today, when they're training vehicle overturned near the military, academy. No word yet on why the cargo truck rolled off the road. Some information now from authorities in the Dominican Republic about the deaths of three Americans at the same vacation resort. All within a week. A preliminary autopsy report says Miranda Werner had some type of heart attack that led to respiratory failure, when she collapsed after having a drink in her hotel rooms minibar on may twenty fifth. The report then says the couple from Maryland, Edward homes and Cynthia day. Also had respiratory failure, and other complications when they were discovered dead in their hotel room, just five days later. The report does not provide a cause of death and does not include results from toxicology and pathologic tests, ABC's, Mark Remillard, US, health officials are helping to investigate the deaths of Texas couple who became violently ill and Fiji last month. Five local residents are now under medical observation at the close. On Wall Street, stocks are up again boosted by reports that the US may delay. New tariffs on Mexican imports. The Dow gained one hundred eighty three points. President Trump has been saying the import taxes would go into effect Monday unless Mexico cracks down on migrants. You're listening to ABC news. Sacramento's number one. For breaking news, traffic, and weather. Heart.

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