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I mean, the gusting has been as high as over one hundred new Bern, by the way is apparently been hit particularly hard. And and they're actually giving out helpline numbers for their nine. One. One calls are are coming in because I guess people have been devastated, I guess, we're not going to be able to assess the property damage until win tomorrow. Well, I I don't think we'll be able to really get in there. And look at it till probably next week some time because you're still gusty forty to fifty miles an hour of the south east tomorrow, and you're still piling water in. Yeah, I'm looking at the models. Have for instance, have another twenty inches of rain in Wilmington before this is done. So you know, the way you say that this is now sits there for twenty four thirty six hours and just keeps dropping rain like mad IMC some pictures now of some destruction in new Bern newborn does look like it was hit pretty hard. I don't see buildings that have collapsed. But I do see a lot of windows broken. A lot of debris has flown over everything. Whereas like, they're still standing. Yeah. I don't think you're going to see, you know, building. You don't see besides they build them to code now. So, but look I've been to a tree down. And there's a storefront that was blown open the head plywood on it. But when I see appear demolished in Atlantic beach, which is stored against these hurricanes for years, I have to say to myself. I wonder what else is going on. So when they when it's all over they'll assess the damage and see the real the bottom line is how costly we hope there's no cost to you in life. But how costly is it the property? But let's remember also this is a five to seven day warning you had the president getting out there. And just like he was the leader of an army mobilizing an army determined to make sure that everybody was ready for this. And so, you know, you're darned if you do darned if you don't if it doesn't cause a tremendous amount of damage, people gras wasn't that bad if it causes more. Oh, look at that. They didn't do their job. So yeah. The the blame some images are coming in from new Bern North Carolina does show that the water the flooding is. Massive. It would definitely seeing that part of it, which is kind of like the ground zero area where I hit right? So I guess it's slow moving as you said it hit it hit it right still beach, and it's been drifting west south Westwood. But if you if you take a look if you look at the radar, and you you stand back and look.

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