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Give us one hundred twenty million dollars to to deal with russia meddling in elections we've got a use that smartly instead of absolutely not spend a pera if you're working for jack the ripper the first thing you say is don't hang out in white chapel anymore we have a burden of proof to prove or not what people speculating he may be but there's no adult grown up operation near the president does what the president wants and then there's a bunch of these guys running around trying to clean up after um 247 which is completely exhausting but i don't think there's any strategy or anything i think it's all trump driven and i'll give you one salacious rumor on all because it's russia's speculation that i was walking around beverly hills that got i don't wanna be pulled him by mueller i'm is because i don't know anything but i was walking around international businessman who i know pretty well swore me to secrecy said you can say this on tv friend of mine got bolden by muller they're asking about an mou a memorandum of understanding for a deal the trump had with russian financial interests during the two thousand sixteen campaign and muir has to die so that is my contribution to the cloud of speculation i believe this guy's credible but i have no way of knowing if it's true and betsy quickly before we go there has been a recent reporting about the possibility of trump businesses being concerned with pot with russian prospects during the campaign right certainly that's something that's a major question any timing you have sizeable criminal investigations like the type that moeller is running questions of following the money are always central and miller's ben following the money from jumped straight i reported months ago that he was working hand in hand with investigators from irs as criminal investigations unit who focus solely on financial crimes trump's brand is money his brand as cash so it's not a surprise that miller sticking and really deeply on those financial questions but see woodrow and mike murphy thank you both for jonas that really pressure thanks alerts the washington post is calling it trump's darkest days and the president thous.

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