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Weston before one twenty eight for ninety five south bound to moving very slowly to sell par with delays before route nine you're okay on route to Andrew nine up towards route one north bound it works on the Chelsea courage slows you down just a bit this report sponsored by the Crohn's and colitis foundation use your power to cure and pedal with the purpose it's been for Crohn's and colitis cures grab some friends to join you for this high energy indoor cycling event benefiting the Crohn's and colitis foundation is it's been four dot org to learn more forty one degrees with light rain steeper as WBZ traffic on the threes here's the four day WBZ accu weather forecast early on this Wednesday morning it'll be cloudy with a touch of rain or drizzle low thirty seven in Boston but close to thirty two north and west where there could be a fuse icy spots later today rather cloudy hi forty one tonight some snow or sleet will be arriving late that'll continue into tomorrow morning before changing the plane rain and drizzle in Boston a slushy coating to an inch is expected one to two inches north and west of one twenty eight before change over to rain occurs tomorrow's morning commute will be slippery low tonight thirty one tomorrow afternoon cloudy with some rain or drizzle even inland high thirty seven well inland forty four in downtown Boston I'm accu weather meteorologist car but then ski WBZ Boston's new is radio the Senate appears virtually certain to acquit president trump on to impeachment charges this afternoon senator read marquee warrants if the president is acquitted the Senate will have made him a dictator if we are quick president trump you will believe himself to be accountable to no one main Republican Susan Collins says she'll vote to acquit the president I do not believe that the house has met its burden of showing that the president's conduct however.

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