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Patti Patti Vasquez, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Nebraska discussed on Steve Cochran


Chicago, ten thirty PM on WGN TV that to the Steve Cochran show. A texter pointed out that Patti Patti Vasquez had like about that. Had a lengthy interview with him. She did a good job. He did do a nice job. And I'm I'm just going back now Patti Vasquez had an interview Rick Pearson had an interview. Well, that's not bad for fifty years in office. Stella caliphs will Genesis just a second. President CEO the mental Health Association of greater Chicago. And this is from our friend Steve Alexander. They've got a masquerade ball of sorts coming up October twenty seventh and. It's a fine of that. And we'd like the plug it for him. It's October twenty seventh and we'll get some details from Stella will join us on the phone. Just a second. Welcome back. Dave whereas northwestern on Saturday home against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. What a win what a win on Saturday. It's Michigan state much needed win on Saturday defense was mean nasty defense in the fourth quarter back to back series was as good as it gets Mitch McConnell whining about a bunch of protester mobs. He didn't see the northwestern defense that was a mob. It was the this is the turning point, of course, for north western football in the way that they do this consistently. Where those they'll they can rattle off win after win after win is the schedule favorable. I know they have Notre Dame on the schedule. But beyond that is it favorably. You know, it's funny because I've been hearing some analysis of Notre Dame's remaining schedule and the game that people are kind of pointing to as as one they need to be on alert is the game at Evanston, November third. And of course, USC they also have still remaining. But but I think is it favorable. Well, they they haven't they have one at home. So they're favorites this week against Nebraska, but they're playing them at home. So now, they got a glutton. It's it's homecoming you think they'll they're coming off this big win. You would think they'll go out and play. Well, and and if they do that, then they go to Rutgers and Rutgers is is struggling, obviously, then they come home play Wisconsin, which could be a huge game on the twenty seven. If they can get through the next they didn't close in the second half until last week doesn't that help confidence wise? Well, now that they've done it has. Yeah. Sure. Steve because they they they had Michigan. They needed to make they needed one more score. And they they win that game. Right. So yeah. I mean, I think they got to be feeling good going into this game. Nebraska's dangerous Nebraska put up four hundred plus yards against Wisconsin Saturday. So. Our guest is having a little communication issue getting here and also getting onto foster let me see if I could do this without them in the interest of timeshare. I offer suicide.

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Patti Patti Vasquez, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Nebraska discussed on Steve Cochran

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