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The giant thirty nine yard line after the giant touchdown gonna ask for a measurement here I thought grant had the first down six fifty four to go in the third giants for the thirteen ten leave well the big defensive stance here for the giants you then keep the Packers out of the end zone after the good kick off return knowing the giants in the first half they had three penalties a pack it's only had one now the Packers at four and then they will the giants the score grant had the first down there's a measure the officials huddled up with those long pants neck warmers hats with the flaps over the years they don't get to go to war venture the heaters in between time out I don't Sierra Club referred to is go over the top of his defense after two successful plays with a first down we got the call that's the goal Jennings comes the near side left matched up on the quarters drivers right well I take that play fake back to twelve zips one over the middle of the ticket please look at the driver once a holding the ball downfield no flag we got the call knocked out of the sand on the phone now looks like a human error was coming around the edge of their jets Mister Matthews got the ball back second Jan four green bags it may attempt a little bit because of always down in front of the receiver but a good pressure a time where you mature yeah he got a piece of ball spotted the giants twenty nine yard line as far as the squad break cuddle two receivers from one to the right takes the snap out of the gun back the past screen set up laughter dragged down from behind is.

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