Anxiety and Politics - How Donald Trump's Election Lead to a New Era of Bad Health Habits


But talking last week about some travel so thanks to scott sprouting josh mckelvin alicia preston jeff sinister for sitting in but doing some traveling last week and flying southwest it's very clear to me that they are undergoing a lot of inspections and engine inspections which is a good thing after the terrible mishap an accident that claimed the life of a woman but also terrified of passengers so southwest is dealing with this and they're actually now i guess canceling some flights and if you're travelling southwest in the next few days or this weekend or last week you probably saw that many of your flights or connections were delayed typically a southwest is we know unless it's weather related like snow and ice or some kind of a storm system typically there pretty known for being on time or even sometimes early so southwest is struggling if you will with trying to deal with a lot of the engine inspection issues some other news we have not talked about this morning bill cosby at trial the sexual assault trial the retrial if you won't pennsylvania jury was unable to reach a verdict first time around but the legendary comedian entertainer actor bill cosby on trial ten days the case has been going and it may soon go to a jury could be as early as today or tomorrow so keeping an eye on that also very interesting dynamics in and around north korea and south korea in fact president trump saying over the weekend he's optimistic about the socalled nuclear summit that's the point of our advance radon mitigation and water treatment poll question of this morning are you confident that the trump administration the us can reach an agreement to denuclearize north korea yes or no.

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