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Hanson the Hoover Institution a senior fellow running in National Review online about the tragedy in China the tragedy that is yet unknown we know it's covered nineteen we know that there are quarantines but we don't know much else because the reporting is spotty your note the news that the Chinese average ejected three Wall Street journal reporters who have been doing an extremely careful job of reporting on the crisis we also know that there have been no officials from the CDC permitted into China for the ordinary testing of the epidemic however Victor's writing about what we are guessing about the failure of huge in paying the president for life head of the Chinese Communist Party victory right that China or shoot in paying of the communist party's an existential threat how so Victor well I mean we as we've seen with trade they have the the ability to destroy other countries and they really harmed a lot of their neighbors and they are about and then as we're seeing with a corona virus what state trying to the stage they have the ability to export this virus and what does that mean it means that when you have a first generation scientific revolution or new post industrial revolution and you don't have the regulations or the culture of all of it or transparency or freedom really allowing these the values of western trained scientists to come back to their mother country and then to do the types of research or not research without any without any freedom are on it and without transparency there the part of the government org so to speak and that's dangerous it's like handing a hand grenade to a seven year old so we don't know what how this virus originated we don't know it's kind of coincidental that was near weapons lab at people mention an open air market there's all of these weird explanations but the one thing that's constant new there's a lot of very sophisticated first generation scientific researchers in China and they're doing things whether it's cloning or biological research weapons research in a fashion that other scientists can't do because it's considered too dangerous in Europe or too dangerous the United States are too dangerous and you're proud and that's why I think it's an existential threat and then trump started this confrontation the showdown with China events sort of took over the narrative and now three years later it's not just China technological appropriation patent copyright that occurred don't be in our currency manipulation it's China or well in surveillance great trying to re education camp with the million waders and that China the Hong Kong protests China China and the more you Paul Walker trying this gap that will no longer need to trick and what do you like it or not trump's view on China now the orthodox we used to be heterodox an eccentric China sort of proved him right the more that we looked at it under a microscope picture our capitalist country made a deal with the devil twenty five years ago China have we learned a lesson or is it too early to tell I think we learned a lesson early on in the west and the idea of George H. W. bush and Bill Clinton and George W. bush and Barack Obama was the more concessions that you give to China on trade and commerce in politics on military affairs the more they're gonna see that magnum energy to be reciprocated when fact they see if his weakness to be exploited and they're never going to turn out like you know the upper west sider Cambridge mass he's not going to happen with the Communist Party in control and that idea that they would liberal arts and I don't know any Communist Party liberal arts bring a lot to me loaded and blew up but I don't know any of that gradually and willingly became more liberal we don't have good information about what's going on inside China where we can we guessing a lot of this but we have sense of history of the Chinese people themselves are using the euphemism Chernobyl for the virus and Chernobyl is a way of of noting that after Chernobyl the Soviet Union fell apart in five years do you sense that China's failing here or they gonna pull themselves together and and close the doors and go back to becoming the manufacturing hub which where they're gonna go Victor we have about a marketing yeah I think it's a force multiplier effect before the corona virus there were already a process of be engaged in the coupling contrivance so a lot of suppliers were going to Southeast Asia Mexico crafter under already started and we turned out to be a lot stronger than China expected and we found trying a lot weaker than we anticipated and that's coronavirus were confirmed out I don't see them coming back and that the chart Chernobyl it's sort of a false comparison because more people are probably died one day China right Darden Chernobyl them Chernobyl but there is some similarities that the Russians were way over there have the nuclear power research and didn't have a protective shell should have never been allowed to do that and yet they in danger other countries Zachary the fact they didn't Victor Davis Hanson of the Hoover Institution China some trouble I'm John Nash numbers mean much to me because of prostate cancer Johnny brags the number two for my step father who died of prostate cancer and my uncle who suffered so much of the prostate cancer surgery the number fifteen.

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