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It's August. So expect the I you basketball news to slow down a bit. Now with summer workouts and the July recruiting period over though it won't be long before the activity ratchets up. Again, what with Hoosier hysteria now just eight weeks away on September twenty ninth on that night at Simon Scott assembly hall, we will see the official. I debuts of heralded freshman Romeo Langford, Jerome hunter, rubber finish Dmitri Anderson, and Jake Forster less than a year ago at last year's Hoosier hysteria event, Langford, hunter, finicky and Anderson received raucous receptions from the assembly hall, faithful win in a brilliant little strategic touch by Archie Miller and his staff. The players were escorted across McCracken court to their seats behind the bench. Each player got to experience what it's like to feel the low from Hoosier nation this year. Another handful of highly regarded Hoosier recruits will get to experience the same thing. Time will tell if the McCracken court escort becomes a recurring Hoosier hysteria event. But regardless Indiana fans will undoubtedly find a way to let prospects like trace Jackson Davis, kion Brooks, and others know just how much they are wanted in Bloomington and speaking of Jackson Davis. He made the biggest news over the weekend when he tweeted out his final six schools and then laid out his visit plans in discussions with several recruiting reporters as expected. Indiana was on the list along with big ten foes Purdue Michigan state. And I awoke plus Wake Forest and UCLA Jackson Davis plans to visit all six schools telling core Evans of rivals that he will make official visits to UCLA Iowa Wake Forest, Indiana and Michigan state with Purdue receiving an unofficial visit thereafter. It is widely assumed that Indiana is the clear front runner in this recruitment, but clearly, Jackson Davis wants to at least explore his options and lean all the way into the recruiting process as well. He should. Jackson Davis has a five star talent from the state of Indiana and Archer. Miller and his staff have made him a clear priority for the class of twenty nineteen. He knows he can commit Indiana when he's ready. So why not experience some other campuses to be certain while all Indiana fans would love to have Jackson Davis's commitment in the fold included so that he can anchor the much anticipated class of twenty nineteen and possibly attract other top players. The center grove, big man with the NBA bloodlines only gets to have this experience and make this decision. Once he shouldn't does the process as much as he desires and do whatever he thinks he needs to do to be certain. He's making the right call. We'll all just continue waiting patiently hoping that he decides Bloomington is the place for him to be because in state players like trace Jackson Davis are the kinds of players around which banner worthy teams are built.

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