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Long island elmont is right part of belmont racetrack is in elmont and part is in queens it seems like this new wine rating system is right up your alley i can't wait until bleeds into the rest of your life and we get ratings for everything around you thumbs down purple line thumbsdown labeled a thumbs down chris eliza thumbs down no your ratings thumbs up for chris thumbs medium since nine over finger sluggishly paced can also be used to describe cillizza on the treadmill come on joelene won't you along the lines of dreading hearing someone say which one is mcenroe in which one is board for the board versus mcenroe tennis movie things overheard at the masters who is this guy as gary player is putting on a team this last round at the masters how many rounds do they play in finally where they playing the masters georgia the master's house members are running for reelection all of them jim flynn in colebrook connecticut when i went to the social security office they offered me a different deal regular payout monopoly game pieces i one of the game pieces i wanna million from justin johnson in arlington virginia factor fiction dusty has a toothpick in his mouth right now dusty does yeah from david gamble a t shirt that i think would sell well would have has tag not a pervert printed on the front and a small tk logo printed just below the neck on the back from alvin lead in grand valley on tarot here's my belated submission for making shine box profitable daily little menus for example sandy sunday's breadsticks dimpled matsu balls florida men friday you'll keeps them live alligators on him for this one diesel dailies this is an obvious one hot garbage sherve serb with shot of malibu rum or limited time special dear daddy days if you are both a daddy and a deer your children dear get free entrees garden fresh tomatoes on frigerator of course with a diesel daily so the possibilities are endless.

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