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Zero with a special attention to six o'clock tonight to eleven o'clock tomorrow morning, which is why over three hundred sixty schools have closed unless you have do. You have a new number, dick. Nope. No last check it was three hundred sixty two. But that that seems fluid three seventy four and now says, and and really that number is in fluid. It's frozen three hundred seven thank you three hundred seventy four so far nowhere near what we had closed yesterday. But it will. Get near there because people are going to understand you can't send kids out into this kind of temperature and a lot of kids walk to school, and it'll be too dangerously cold to do that. In fact, dick, you had said earlier some of these schools have actually closed until through Thursday, a whole bunch of them. I said yesterday it's gonna be a hard week to get kids to school. But I didn't a lot of them are going to go to school today, but probably will not tomorrow. So keep there there is a warm up coming, but it is on the weekend. So doesn't do the school people? Any good does not do the school people real warm up to? All of this snow. Yeah. Yeah. Well, then the great flood of twenty nine. There's an organization. I'm not familiar with them synergy homecare, and they reminded us to keep an eye out for the elderly whether their loved one a neighbor or a stranger checking in on seniors to make sure their homes have heat. The fridges Stockton prescriptions are filled nearly half of all hypothermia deaths happen to people over the age of sixty five in many of these deaths can actually occur in their own homes. Because seniors don't always feel the dip into grease due to either dementia or medication that can affect awareness. So that's just a a nice little heads up on that.

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