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Yeah you know he's he's got a quality of life he's got a dental practice here so he realizes there's gonna be a big trade off yes they're gonna save thousands of dollars. he's gonna have probably an hour commute each way apartment list economist chief Chris samba tia he said some people choose these extreme commutes for economic reasons while others are pushed into them by you know industries they work in here's a quote we break it down this way by occupation it's folks in the drilling and mining industries that actually have the highest rates of super commuting now what he he pinpointed areas of West Texas along the Gulf coast in northeast Texas Louisiana Mississippi were super commuting yes is bag yeah highly prevalent what does it do move out to those areas outside of the main core of of burnt downtown or wherever they work you know I think that's that's something that they immediately realize is going to be a reality and they're willing to do it that it's a big trade off yeah I don't know if I could do it I've never done that I know of to hear from some super computers maybe a drive an hour each way or an hour and a half each way my wife used to drive it took about an hour maybe longer each way when she worked downtown we live way up in cedar park it affects the it affects the marriage it affects the home affects used to the way you live your life yeah you you come home cranky you know every day after work it it starts to affect the dinner hour yeah so it's a it's a quality of life issue a lot of fun and a lot of people do it Mandel don't drive in from liberty hill down to downtown Austin drive in all the way from bass drop way down south almost to San Antonio and Austin the I would every day I know for you and me the hours that we come in here and their hours that we leave were able to avoid traffic it's it's it's it's one of the benefits of these crazy hours I don't know if if I was a regular nine to fiver here it relate related where I live it it it might would be vastly different life for me yeah it would be a totally different situation because me and south all southwest Austin trying to get to the station it could very well be a forty five minutes to an hour during rush hour yeah easily verses twenty minutes yeah right now so totally different deal. I'm trying to figure out right now. what we you and I talked about Bluebonnet golf course earlier this week that's right they're shutting down on their Facebook page they had a post that went out I believe it was on a Monday. that said their work closing that after after almost thirty years of operating that they were going to close at the end of the year on they were very specific on December thirty first but because their water contract with the city was going to be out they had a thirty year lease or thirty year contract with the city on the water the the the water was going to be up there in the water contract and they were it and that's all they said they didn't say that the city was not going to renew they just said but because of water we're gonna have to close so now I'm reading a K. accion story. and that job it says that the city. doesn't know what they're talking about the yes the contract is going to be up but they in no way have not denied Bluebonnet hill I've got a a haven't talked to a watercolor design yeah the the the the owners of Bluebonnet hill can you know golf course haven't even reached out to the city to renew the contract and and been more than they're over they're going out of business the done that somebody obviously bought the property and they're they're looking to cash in on a big marketing campaign just like el patio did and they're done I'm wondering I really am wondering because there's nothing that I see here that shows that there's an issue and and this this same to come for those of us is set play Bluebonnet hill and after years this seem to come from no where and yeah I think my hunch is something else is up probably an offer that they could not refuse sure yeah so you have a problem with this I don't have a problem with anybody making.

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