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Dogs once again the voice of the Bulldogs welcome back to Bulldogs live with coach Kirby smart thank you for being here tonight and we want to say thanks to our friends from Georgia United credit union for being here good crowd tonight are you guys doing let people know you're here yes coach Smarties here Kirby good to see you how are you doing good this is a side of me I'm out of breath inspiration then you're not here before you started well it makes your win sprinter to never heard anybody right that's the philosophy in practice I would imagine absolutely the steps I have to go over every every debts prices start wondered what kind of shape I'm really in at the do you come to a conclusion yeah it's not good it's not good at least more steps we got all the facilities right here absolutely no time to use for my wife says I appreciate that no excuse not to work out I'm just try to help you will it take a three week as of the first week again is SEC Eastern Division champion was still some work to do yeah I mean that doesn't change much when you look at the tape and you see the caliber of opponent you gotta go against Scott la respect for Jimbo I know on have been on staff with him before what he does we get coaches on our staff the way for a long time James Coley so when you look at the body of work the jumbo is done you know that his team is gonna be prepared and they played a rigorous schedule and they have played those teams really well and they have improved with every game they had relatively young defense this plan at a high level now and they've got all extremely experienced offense and it'll be the most experienced quarter but we played against how much do you find in your in your experience that a that a head coach will make changes to what he does or what he's had success with the U. these see a lot of that or is it if if Jimbo Fisher was doing this twelve years ago and he's still doing it on Saturday yes probably based on the results gets you know the good ones tend to have positive results follow the same plan in the one struggle you look for a way to change so he's been pretty successful so I don't see him changing a lot water water some of the things that that you look for when you see this Texas a and M. team well Jimbo Fisher related world there to play action games they have but he's a pro style guy he works out of every personnel grouping they can go for what three what to what they go to back he's he's he's he's a traditional you know it's a lot like a pro style offense return own yourselves like NFL games he's not a big spread element may not always been a big tempo guy he plays really good sound football when he turns on the Georgia tape what is what is he going to seize you go to see a lot of familiar stuff yeah I think he will he see speech no he's gone against next angel album for a long time he's going to use a lot a lot of other it you know was on the staff forced to me he knows on the things we do and he understands that and he's played in a in a really tough coffers what what was the what was the temple like in practice this week after the big win last week it was just five minutes the next week you know we don't really look at it is what we did last week what we want all sleep before the the next week's what matters most in trying to be want to know this week in focusing on that we had good good spirited practices you know the tip temperatures been good the field conditions have been good so our our our guys room again in a good place for you outside most of the weaker yeah swap it back and forth no we try to go outside all week till today I'm not sure what the but the rain is in the forecast for Saturday I don't know to what extent if it's like Kentucky or or what but can you plan for that or you just have to accept what the nature brings on Saturday gnosis Monday could be that way and we try to do as much as we can there's just there's just no way to really know you know we we've we've had wet balls we sprayed balls down we've whipped Sievers hands with quarterbacks hands we try to do everything just goes yeah spray down kickers or punters snappers to try to simulate the elements but at the end of the day both teams had well play in it in the team that handles at best usually does the best product at a state over Auburn this week and they would have done it for us yeah run with the old email to all right coach Smarties here this is bull dogs live our friends from a Georgia United credit union here and we are glad to have them in the house tonight we'll get to all your questions for coach Kirby smart when we continue right after this on the Georgia Bulldogs sports network the.

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