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Harlan's holiday muddy hart has the lead through a 47 and three half mile, blue steel pushed him along in the second quarter. Three wide, here's the move from fearless fearless moving, moving right now and only a neck off the lead as they round the fore turn. Where mighty heart toward the rail blue steel between and fearless looms the presents three wide, a gap of four to South Bend, dropping back was I have a Jedi 20 twice has been no factor as they pass the quarter mile mark with the advantage its fearless trying to battle back inside his mighty heart from the back. South Bend under a full head of steam with a short stretch to work with, fearless has the lead, South Bend continues to charge, mighty heart is back to third with less than an 8th to go. Louis sias and fearless driven out South Bend tries to catch mighty heart for a second, but the Harlan's holiday goes to fearless. Sophia scores in the Harlan's holiday. It's funny. It's hard to say the four length win wasn't like, wow, but it just seemed kind of workman like, right? Like he did end up when I said he kind of got the speed. They didn't go at it early. Paco on the two blue steel whose big long shot, they kind of just both looked like speed types, right? Mighty hart definitely gets to the turn first. You know, cuts the corner nicely. Paco goes out in like the three and a half path. And I can't fall to guy for not dueling with someone. Now, you know, when you're doing pace handicapping, obviously you're, you know, you're trying to project what's going to happen. And based on their styles, I thought it was quite possible they would end up being pretty contentious. Now, they weren't contentious the first quarter, 24 and one, but as they went into the backstretch, Paco kind of turned up the pressure and got closer and the next thing you know, they throw up a 23 and one for the second quarter and a 23 and three for the third quarter. So mighty hart did have to work. It wasn't a complete free reign kind of situation. And I've often argued that to me that second quarter is where a lot of races get won and lost when it comes to pace because if you're able to coast decently for the first quarter, okay, but it's usually when they're coasting in that second or third quarter for a route race or like a longer route race. To me, those are a lot of times where those races get won. And this time I think mighty hard had to do a little bit of work in those kind of middle stages. And I think that helped out fearless, who was being pushed along and under a drive, but pretty steadily reeled those top ones in. Mighty hart obviously dug in pretty gamely toward the inside to his credit. And south bank came with a nice rally, but he just fearless just had the jump on it. Fearless was spotted well. I have a Jedi who I thought was kind of the logical runner up to fearless ended up getting pulled up and van off, so. Never looked like it never really looked like your castellano just ever really started riding him. Like he just kind of lost a spot to South Bend down the backstretch and I kind of thought like, hey man, you should probably get in a hurry to get going, and then all of a sudden, I was like, oh, he's pulling them up. So just really never got into the race at all and obviously finished last in that one. The sugar swirl, this ended up being a pretty exciting race, not a good betting race in terms of it was just the very logical types that ended up I thought Franks rockette was poised and ready for a nice victory and she ran hard. She ran well, but just got beat by center isle. Luis sayes for Paula Lopez, a lot of people tweeting about excited Paulo lobo, a nice runner here for OXO. This was a Chad Brown horse who, you know, broke the maiden nicely on debut, had finished third and a couple of great at stakes races was doing just fine, but since going to Paulo's barn has just been unreal good and I had to cover a little ground this time didn't necessarily get right to the lead was actually not off the pace and they were kind of stacked up for across the track. But just was not free wheel and I guess like the last couple starts had been clear in those last couple of sprints. And so I thought took a nice move forward and Frank's rocket was she was in what I think is like one of the worst positions to be to like win. Like she was just always a neck behind and down inside. And for multiple horses, right? Like, early on, it was, you know, she was kind of between horses and they went and then they cleared off from the rail one or quinoa tifa was kind of out of there pretty quickly. And then she inherits the rail and she's just always like a neck behind those ones up on the outside and I always feel like it's just such a tough spot for a horse like that a to make up ground and B to kind of fight back because it just feels like you're kind of pinned in down there. And maybe she just got outrun by a good horse. That's entirely possible. But I thought it was a good effort and she was bet down way too low anyways. I mean, she was even money. They really hammered. I think a lot of people thinking like I was that she was maybe sitting on a good one and she did run a good one. She just got beat by a very nice horse in central island, Luis sias, Oregon, Paolo nova. Let's take a quick timeout. We come back. We'll continue our weekend recap. We'll talk about the arrest of the Gulf Stream. Stakes races will head over to naira, talk about the tinsel stakes, which was a pretty entertaining race over at Oakland park. It is a weekend recap. Oh, we gotta talk about springboard mile too. We'll get to that as well. On our weekend recap addition of the JCB horse racing podcast brought to you by to inspires. Twin spires not only offers the best way to play the races from your desktop or mobile device. But we also have great offers for our players, visit twins buyers dot.

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