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The F C North. We've already discussed really the walking wounded that are the Baltimore Ravens, No J. K. Dobbins for the year. And today Marcus Peters and Gus Edwards sustained potentially significant knee injuries back to back plays. Per Ian Rapoport. Well, we have some positive news. And that's what the Pittsburgh Steelers after Big Ben basically said, pay the man. After Cam Hayward's basically said pay the man, Minka Fitzpatrick said. My contracts coming up, I'm paying attention to how the Steelers conduct business. Well, the waiting is over. T. J Watt will now be the highest paid defensive player in all of football. Adam Schefter tweeted out the Steelers and Star Pass rusher T. J Y have a mega deal. He's going to sign a four year extension worth more than $112 million. That is a little over 28 year, with 80 million fully guaranteed. At signing. So here's the thing Ryan and we discussed this right I don't care what precedents you had in the past. I don't care how you negotiation tactics are in the past. This is the best player on your defense. And the Solidified part of your your team Is your defense. You're going to be going, whether it's this off season or next off season. In a new direction because Big Ben Some think this will be his final year, maybe has one more year after this season left in it. Eventually you're going to need new faces of this organization. And Cam Hayward's a little bit older, but he's been there for a while. You got Minka Fitzpatrick, who A lot of people ripped the Steelers for making that trade because if you recall that's when Big Ben got hurt, and was out for most of the season and played in a game and a half Lot of people thought that draft pick was going to be a top 10 pick Steelers. They missed the playoffs that year, but they did go eight and eight. And Minka Fitzpatrick. We all saw what he's able to do. He is such a tremendous football player. So you have right. What who is now taking care of? Minka is the next guy up. You have some other really strong pieces on the defensive side of the ball. And never. I was never a doubt, right? If this deal was going to get done, it was just when this deal was going to get done. And sometimes, right. Right before a deal gets done there started negotiation tactics that are played out to expedite the process. Or maybe try to drive up the price and pinch every penny for your client that you can And that's why there are sometimes, uh, an uproar if it's fair to say And there's a lot of news 72 hours before you get the announcement of the mega deal that we ended up seeing today Now, in other cases, the uproar is actually genuine. The deal doesn't get done. Then it turns contentious. But when you have not only Ben Because I know Ben runs that organization. Ben, though, is only going to be there for another year or two. When you have Ben, say something, it does carry weight. You could, though maybe look into the future and go well, his voice is going to start to Matter less and less because you're not going to be part of the team. When you start to have Cam Heyward, who should be on this team. For the foreseeable future. And you also have Mika Fitzpatrick who really should be on this team for the foreseeable future. Start to speak. Yes, in the moment. Those words may not matter. The most. But you can look at it and go. This is kind of a core that you want to keep together for the future of this football team because the Steelers are always going to be solid, right? Not only are they a tremendously run organization, but with that defense even when you lose your quarterback, and for that year you had to go with duck Hodges quack quack! And Mason Rudolph. They were able to go in and eight because of the championship caliber defense that they had. Here's the part, though with the Steelers. At least in the last decade, and I don't know if you feel this way or not, Ryan But this is the way that I observe it whenever the offences killer, right When you had the killer bees of Ben Bell and Brown, the defense stunk. Then when the defense gets really damn good. The offense is not up to part And I know last year, right? The offense got off to 11 or no start. But as the season did go on, you started to realize Wow, there's no run game there. And now going into this year. Yes, you did. Draft Najee Harris. Ben is another year Older Juju Smith. Schuster is back. He's not a number one wide receiver Chase Claypool at a solid rookie season. And you look at that offensive line. No more Pouncey at the center. No more big al villain the waiver at the tackle spot. You got Zach Banner coming off the injury where he went down last year up against the Giants early on in the season. There are significant concerns with the offense. Yeah, You got some pieces, right? Ben is not going to be horrible. I don't think Ben's going to be great. Najee Harris. I like the draft pick out of Alabama. Juju will be fine Chase Claypool. We'll see if he could take the next step after a very impressive rookie campaign. But I look at the Steelers. Can they make the playoffs this year? Yeah. Maybe now with the Ravens Injury news. Maybe the Steelers end up being the second best team in this division. But I'm still wondering long term. When are we going to get to that point when we look back at the Steelers and go? Wow, This is the big bad Pittsburgh Steelers. This is the Pittsburgh Steelers. That when you go into a season, you expect the Super Bowl. Because it hasn't been that case for a while now. And I know Ben 12. And He was never able to get that third one. With Antonio Brown and also Levian Bell. And this offense is going to really get a face list. In the next year or two. And I've been saying this and I know it's tough right to divorce the franchise legend. And I'm not even.

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