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So you really understand like fuss, full must power of mental main having coach. It's it's it's so important right now. Is like asking to go through life justify right now. I would prefer absolute turn the lights on, you know, nor love it. Love that. Jonathan. Now this probably many people that are going to be listened to this show and thinking, you know what I wanna follow Jonathan's laid on wanna do what he's doing and have the same success as he's having. Now, let's say this person is going through like you probably went from your first year that gone for a lot of ups and downs, gone tremendous struggles guard for a lot of adversity as low trials and tribulations NFS. She has an example maybe or maybe they're a big box gym in thinking of transition. And let's say you had two minutes, three minutes this individual that what would you say to them if they're on the verge of giving up, they're going to quit. You know, that sort of come into the episodes testee fit as old as no way. They, you know, see the road ahead that makes sense. Won't decide to them if you had two minutes with them while people are still, you know, stuck training box. Jim Mitterrand unhappy goal is to him when the own company. I would say number one issue ducks are in order, make sure you got good credit, you know. 'cause you don't wanna take out a loan sheep on and mixture. You're fully aware of the amount of things that need to go right for visit sessile. I can't sugar coat it. I can't. You know. I can't tell someone that's could be all sunshine rainbows. It's not, you know, if they're already struggling mentally working for a company that supports them gives them clients might not be the right thing for them to go and try to do on their own. Because you know, I would probably say the person who's the most successful in that environment probably more likely to succeed on their own because you know the work ethic again is extraordinarily important. So I can't lie those people by as far as the people who are outside in they're doing on their own. You know, they. Jump in, they're working towards opening a gym or they've just opened up the gym. It's not on the first few months and trying to find out how the businesses in ago patients is important because most businesses when they first begin their business models change within the first year because they realized that the business model, they have theoretically made sense. But as -application goes, it's not going to work. So that's really important to understand that you're probably going to have to change a few things and you have to analyze constantly what's working, what's not so much man to put it in two to three minutes is quite challenging. I wouldn't be able to do Justice, but you know if I could say a few things that I would really recommend some doing is making it easy for yourself. No, find a good location. Trust.

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