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Protect itself now as an individual if you feel comfortable or you are want to inquire about about carrying a firearm. Well, I would get in touch with your local NRA instructors. There's tons of them and start to get familiar with firearms. Go through some training, the NRA as a carry guard program, which is absolutely phenomenal. On course. Through teach y'all about personal protection. I try to train as much as I possibly can. I like go to the range because I enjoy it. But I also do it because it's my responsibility to mostly H L holders like this. They train get the training to the point where you feel comfortable. Jill I get to firearms are not right for everybody. My goal is to make sure that everyone in America who is legally allowed to do. So has the right if they want to carry that's it. I don't wanna make everybody carry. I just want you to exercise your, right? If you want to but let me finish here. It's grant stinks field. I'm in the NRA. You're the NRA you're on NRA TV. The first thing out of the left is always the NRA's just trying to sell more guns. Great. If you ever had anybody for the NRA tried to tell you. Let's look sell some more guns. You wanted us something that's great about NRA TV Joe, I have complete freedom on that program to say what I want to say even here right down speaking for myself speaking for NRA, I would say I mimicked the voice of Alvar five and a half million members. But the NRA doesn't come tell me to sell guns or anything. They call me the Billy Mays of the gun into a great guy. He was but I'm not I'm not the Billy Mays of the gun industry. All I want. And I promise you Joe when I tell you the bottom, my heart, the leadership of the NRA all the folks at NRA TV. And most members were parents were members of your community. We are around you. We we want safety and security for everyone from the bottom of our hearts. We are just as brought to despair as anyone else's when a shooting like this occurs. We appreciate your Granitz tinge field. A great host over two NRA TV going follow..

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