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Antonio Russo who cut off his dreadlocks the same day fishers found dead dreadlocks that he had cultivated for years. So for him to get them shared was very suspect. And then he takes off for California. A couple of days later Duca also becomes a suspect because the party was it. His house, but the investigation stalls out for days weeks and then months, that's when aggressive prosecutor Anisi good Nikolas gets assigned to the case. John juca and Tonio Russo are charged with murder at trial Nikolas E star witness, a jailhouse snitch named John veto who would approach prosecutors with the story to tell where he's the list witness via meets John juke in and according to veto John good elaborates on how he killed. Mark Fisher, a veto testifies that his prison may told him. He pistol whipped Mark Fisher, and then his bunny Antonio Russo shot him dead. This was an extremely dramatic moment at the trial. Nobody saw it coming both are found guilty of murder sentenced to twenty five years to life. What was your reaction to the fact that the jury came back with the verdict into hours. Something was wrong outraged by her sons guilty verdict, John juke, his mother Doreen Quinn Giuliano decides to take action immediately focusing on the jurors who so quickly convicted her son. Craze with the Steria terrified for son's future. It's fair to say what she does. Next few mothers would ever consider what made you decide to go undercover when a mutual friend of John's who was in the audience recognized one of the jurors, the guy with the boldy head Doreen believes that if that ball juror knew anyone involved in the trial, especially the witnesses, it should have disqualified him as a juror. The key point here is less about how much did he know about these people and more? Did he intentionally lie to get on the jury, who was juror number eight, jury was Jason how he knew my son's friends setting her sights on that juror Jason allo a thirty one year old, Brooklyn. I construction worker still living at home with mom. He committed very serious. Sure. Misconduct and I've uncovered it Doreen who at the time had been married seventeen years confides, the details of her audacious plan to her husband to stepfather. He didn't want me to obviously he said, no, no, no. You went to a tanning booth? Yes. I just was trying to knock off some years. These pictures of her radical transformation were taken for Vanity Fair magazine. Shoot. I bought a whole new wardrobe in a little Cup while push up bra high heels that had to practice walk in because I wasn't good at it. The had to try to attract him. You became your own private investigator. I did sitting there for hours. You just can't take your eyes off the price and you call them the target. I did comb the target. Yeah, for months Doreen stakes out the targets every move on this corner and Benson Hurst considered the little Italy, Brooklyn. At one point. She even Doan's a burqa. A Muslim friend hooked me up with this beautiful burqa and said, and you could get up close to anyone you want and is drop. I remember listening to a conversation he was talking about blondes. Like blondes. That's when I decided to go really belong five months into the sting and she's ready to make her move clever on my bike, pest him several times up and down the block, waiting for him to notice me. Then his friend whistled at. And my heart trouble. And I said, hi, and I said, I was from California and was new to the neighbor, and he said, I could give them a call her new persona. Also rents a bachelorette pad. Health. How long were you here a year? Maybe a year. Maybe a year and a half armed with the brand new life and a sexy cover. She's ready for her. Next brash move a romantic dinner for two with Germany. Berate nude have done whatever it took. Yes, even if it meant taking him to bed of course, of course, but it didn't come to that. No, no. We had a friendship. They drink wine eat takeout and listen to the Rolling Stones while Doreen says Allah was rolling something else and you're also smoking weed with him? I was, I am. I going to feel paranoid and my going to, you know, blow my cover. How much of your conversations were recorded. Yup. It turns out in addition to her push-up raw in daisy, dukes Doreen was wearing something else a wire and you've kept it where between my boobs come. Hello? Slowly, Doreen builds Aloes trust, turning their conversations towards her son. John's burder trial and. You

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