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John susan thank you all right let's get back to the showy mike is an east rockaway and he joins us on the fan i'm mike good what's up kid why you gotta right down my my road that much couple of could only maybe the school to come back and then change the weather holding would like this i'll tell you that he would not like this he was never a fan of the cold weather i i can believe it i couldn't believe it and you know unfortunately it's been this way for a long time hundred sixty two games you know new york teams longtime myth fan yankee fan whatever saying you are but you know thinking about it they really can't start new york mentioned the yankees on the road the first two weeks and the first couple of weeks it'll be you know you have to wear to laze three lays at the ballpark but they can't play during the day because you're not gonna get as many fans in the seats during the day as you would night so it's just one of those conundrums that we have to live with and i hope for you i hope there aren't that many more players on the injury list because if that's the case you're going to see a lot of yankee fans just go berserk in a short period of time i take the one sixty two out there mike because you know recency is always a bias and people get very upset about what they just saw i mean i was sort of amazed at all the boone criticism so quickly you know as if robertson wasn't a good pitcher or robertson didn't have any chance to get them out and it was a foregone conclusion i mean the twenty twenty hindsight is already after one weekend you know firmly a part of the.

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