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Whole time they they couldn't possibly go out in public without some type of protection and i think our kids are the only thing i would like to say you know basically became a get out the liberal vote rally as this march for our lives in dc the only thing i would say to these kids is i i would first thing i'd say is i wanna make sure we never have another kid in america ever being shot at ever i would i'd like to make it that you get the same protection the politicians get at least we owe you that i want i would say you deserve the same protection that actors and actresses get on the red carpet during the academy awards and i'd say listen here's how i wanna keep you safe i wanna make sure every school in america has a threat security assessment i wanna make sure that the perimeter surrounded and that there's there's control points of entry at every school i'd like to see backpacks checked and metal detectors as used and i'd like to see every kid go through an id system so that nobody anybody that doesn't belong in that school can't get into that school and then i'd like to see to concealed carry retired military policemen on every floor of every school and the way we're going to pay for it as anybody that contributes fifteen twenty hours a week retired military retired police then he school or any schools they would get tax free benefits federal and state and local taxes as way won't cost us anything and the threat assessment will be part of that.

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