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D. U., Los Angeles, Lancaster discussed on Tim Conway Jr.


Fifteen percent go to futures dot E. D. U. that's futures dot E. D. U. your tears dot E. D. U. after sitting up this afternoon in southern California skies are partly cloudy but hotter feel away from the coast in Los Angeles we warm to eighty six degrees bad ice ninety five at Lancaster a little hotter at ninety six the peak of the heat is when St Anthony on us NBC four right now it's seventy in Fullerton and Anaheim seventy five in Malibu and sixty six in Glendale Wheatley local live from the care by twenty four hour news rooms I'm Gina grad the heartland of America and the gateway to the west good morning good evening wherever you may be across the nation around the world I'm George nori walking to coast to coast AM later tonight the case for your phones here's what's happening president Donald Trump has taunted.

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