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Spradley you told me that story about that that young lady that college student. Yes, she found guy in her dorm room closet, wearing her clothes and had a conversation with them for a while before he went away, creepy, very creepy. And it reminded me of the time that apparently somebody wandered into my dorm room in college. And I okay. So here's the story. And by the way, if you have crazy roommates stories six five one six four one one zero seven one I gone to sleep my roommate had left the room, and she had left the door unlocked. And while she I don't know if she was like washing up or what I don't know. But she came back into the room. And there was. A person sitting below my bed in a rocking chair just rocking in his underwear. Okay. That's creepy. And I am alone in the bed asleep. Now part of the story that you need to know is that I had a dream that somebody was trying to get into bed with me. And I was like pushing them away. I thought it was a dream. It turned out. It wasn't a dream. I woke up minutes later to my roommate and my three friends who live two of them across the hall and one down the hall standing in the doorway of my room, whispering. My name. Colleen. Colleen wake up Kaleen. And I'm like, what am I mad because they're waking me up now. And I look at them, and they're pointing to the rocking chair underneath my bed, and I look down, and there's this guy just rocking rocking chair underwear too. I was like what do I do? They did nothing. I'm in the room alone with this strange person, who I do not know and the three of them are at the door laughing because they think this is all areas, and I'm like what you guys helped me, and they're like, we don't know what to do. Well, one of them recognized turn on the lights and say, well, the lights were on there were lights on in the room. They didn't like wake him up or anything. He was they didn't talk to him or anything. It was just sitting there staring. Matthew, sleep. I'll tell you in a second. They figured out who were they recognize him enough to know that he lived with his brother in the room below my room. They went downstairs they got his woke his brother up his brother came up got him. They left the room turns out he was probably drunk walking thought my room was his room happens. Yeah. But don't you love my question. All just you're not walked because my roommate had left the room to like go wash your face or get ready for bed. She had left for just a couple minutes and came back in. Okay. So rule number one from now on you're going to be locking your door. No matter what I said to her as a please do not leave me alone in my room at night lock. That thing bring your key with. I do not need a strange person in my bedroom. Now that same person tried more than once to get into our room other times. Do you have any crazy roommate story? Six five one six four one one zero seven one and a lot of people on the phone. Do let's go to AJ. Hello AJ. What's your crazy? Roommate story though, this was decades ago when I was in college. But I had a roommate who would let guys come home with her and totally dark never turned on a light she'd find her bed, and they would start going addicts. And so unlike Hello roommates over here. In the same room. Oh, yeah. Back then they were small rooms it's called a bolster bed, and you could push it in and you'd have like a couch. Cushioning back. But then you pull it out at night. So I started to get like a chalkboard and started, you know, putting up last night. And I grade them by how.

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